India is known all over the world for its beautiful architecture and its rich cultural diversity. It’s no wonder that millions of tourists visit the country each year to visit the magnificent Taj Mahal, or to participate in multiple cultural events such as Holi and Diwali.

If you’re among those who are planning on visiting India soon, then we’ve got the perfect travel guide for you that is definitely going to help make your visit safe and convenient.

So, before you leave for India, here are a few travel essentials you should take with you:

1. Mosquito Repellents

Unless you plan on getting infected with Dengue or Malaria, it’s important that you take mosquito repellents with you to India. The country is not exactly clean. And the tropical nature of its climate makes it the perfect habitat for mosquitoes. So, make sure that you’ve got the right protection on hand before you leave.

2. VPN

You might have taken care of bugs and mosquitoes, but what about those mosquitoes who roam around on the internet so they can drink up your data and infect your devices with viruses? The internet is filled with hackers and data snoopers who are not much different from actual mosquitoes.

This is why you should grab a reliable VPN service in India like PureVPN on the first opportunity you get. This is because PureVPN is one of the most secure VPN brands on planet Earth. And it is going to ensure that you remain safe from all kinds of threats on your travel to India.

Moreover, PureVPN also offers internet freedom, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The version of Netflix available in India is no good. But with PureVPN, you can enjoy access to American and British versions of Netflix and watch loads of movies and TV shows during your stay in India.

3. Flip flops and sturdy shoes

Flip flops are very common in India. Also, they’re the best footwear you can wear during your stay because they keep you cool even in the hot weather of India.

Sturdy shoes are helpful when you go on long walks from one place to another. The footpaths aren’t in the best of conditions, and transport is often hard to get. Good sturdy shoes are going to help a lot in this case.

4. Sanitizers and Tissues

India is very very humid. So if you want to survive in the harsh climate, then it’s best to keep your hand sanitizer and tissues kit close by so you can clean sweat whenever it forms on your head.

5. Sunscreen!

As mentioned, India is very hot. It remains sunny most of the year. So, unless you want to develop an awful tan, it’s best if you keep your sunscreen with you. The sun is harsh in India. But you can avoid the worst of skin diseases if you apply sunscreen on a regular basis.

That’s it!

It’s not hard to buy things in India. So even if you miss out on some stuff in your luggage, you can always purchase it from any store. However, it’s best if you take the essentials mentioned above with you before you leave for India.

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