Bus services are useful for group trips to reach destinations that are not too far from your hometown. Although buss travel may feel safer than air flights, there are a few safety issues that you need to consider.

  • Bus: before a trip, you should make sure that the bus is in good condition. If possible, you should choose the newest bus in the fleet. A good bus service may replace their busses every 10 to 15 years. Even if the bus is well maintained, the level of comfort and reliability will degrade if the bus is too old. If possible, you should inspect the bus directly. Look for all the details, such as cleanliness, scratches, bumps, dents and condition of the seat covers. The most important thing is that you focus on safety, instead of appearance. If early visual inspection shows good results, then you should get reviews from previous users. Ask the bus company, how often these busses are inspected and maintained.
  • Driver: For customers, the most important person in the bus service company isn’t the top manager, but the person behind the wheel. You should be assured that the driver has the skill and experience to bring you to your destination. In general, the driver should have at least three years of experience in long distance driving. Experienced drivers are usually more skilled and get you to many places safely.

Long distance driving can be stressful, so make sure that the driver is emotionally balanced. There are aggressive, passive                 and hostile drivers. Your safest option is to get passive drivers. A good driver will keep a safe distance and gain speed only when it it’s safe. Make sure that the driver is drug free and fully alert, even after hours of steady driving on the highways. A reliable bus service company performs regular drug check ups to make sure that their drivers are drug free. A driver may need to stay behind the wheel for ten hours or more. It is actually a good practice if the driver takes 30 minutes of rest after driving for five or six hours nonstop. This will ensure that the driver will remain alert for the long journey and it is even better if the driver is allowed to get some naps. If the trip takes place overnight, then you should be sure that there are two drivers, who share their duties. Hiring two drivers could be slightly more expensive, but it is a good insurance to ensure your safety. Another sign of reliable drivers is that if they regularly remind passengers about safety factors. As an example, passengers should remain on their seats during high speed driving in the highways.

  • Company: company’s records could determine whether the service maintains an acceptable safety record. The longer a bus service has been in the industry, the safer it would be. Check past reports to know whether the bus service has been involved in several road accidents, which indicate higher risk levels.