Lesotho is also called as the Kingdom in the Sky with plenty of mountain peaks and high altitude areas, The country offers a different kind of Africa, with its alpine climate. Visitors could get spectacular high ground panoramas and invigorating mountain air. The landscape should attract any outdoor enthusiast. A popular way of exploring Lesotho is by trekking and hiking. The capital of Lesotho is Maseru and it has temperate subtropical climate. In high elevation, frost often occurs during winter. Rainfall is more frequent in lower elevation between April and October, often with fierce thunderstorm. In Maseru and the surrounding area, you can go to the Basotho Hat, Papal Pavilion, the Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories.

You can go to Morija to visit the National Museum and to Matsieng to see the Royal Summer Palace, whoever the ground is closed to visitors. Thaba-Bosiu is within reach of the capital and it features a flat-topped hill, which has significant remains of the villages and dwellings of King Moshoeshoe I. Teya-Teyaneng is also within a short drive from Maseru and it’s the place where you can find various types of souvenirs. Malealea and the surrounding area is also quite popular among travellers. It’s the Gate of Paradise, which is a spectacular pass to reach Malealea. The area has panoramic views of traditional villages on the plain. At Motlejoeng, there are former cannibal caves, that were common throughout Lesotho. The Masitise and Moyeni Dinosaur Trackways feature various dinosaur footprints that are believed to date back to 200 million years ago.

Ha Baroana Rock has painted overhanging rock that is accessible by crossing the stream. It features an interesting gallery of various Bushmen paintings. You may also go to the Molimo Nthuse and the surrounding area. It’s an attractive tourist attraction in Lesotho and the road to this area offers superb vistas of broad valleys, tumbling streams, steep gorges and mountain peaks. In Molimo Nthuse, you can pass through the pony-trekking centers. During the short journey, you can visit local traditional villages, beautiful waterfalls and various scenic attractions. Travellers may go to the Maletsunyane Falls also on the pony-trekking trail. It’s the tallest single-drop fall in the southern region of Africa. The Katse Dam is the primary focus of the Highlands Water Project. The Katse Dam is the most spectacular when the water level as its highest. You can watch the picturesque surrounding. The Dam is also ideal for water sports enthusiasts and bird watchers.

The Roof of Africa is another attraction that you see in Lesotho with Thabana-Ntlenyana as the tallest peak in the southern region of Africa at 3482 meters above sea level. Hlotse, Katse, Thaba-Tseka and Sani Pass are routes that 4×4 vehicles are the most suited. The Sehlaba-Thebe National Park is a park that comprises about 6500 hectares at 2400 meters above sea level. It offers a wealth of animal life. As an example, the Oreodaimon quathlambe that’s believed to be extinct was rediscovered in the Tsoelikana River.