The summer wardrobe. When sweatshirts and beanies get shoved to the back of the wardrobe and outfit layering is all but a distant memory. Men’s summer staples include timeless linen trousers, a range of short-sleeve shirts and a pair of beach-ready sliders. But each summer brings new trends, and you’ll likely be adding some new additions to go along with your old favourites. For Gen Zers, that’s those born between 1997 and 2013, you’re well known for being unashamedly individualistic. We’ve picked out 8 summer 2024 trends that will help Gen Z men stand out this summer.      

  1. The jumpsuit 
  2. Wraparound sunglasses
  3. Classic vest
  4. Seriously long shorts
  5. The oversized cardigan
  6. Jesus sandals
  7. Lightweight knitwear
  8. Oversized suit trouser

Here’s everything you need to know about each trending item, which celebs have been spotted following the latest summer trends and how the everyday man can rock each one this summer:


The Jumpsuit

It’s back to the 70s for this one. The jumpsuit has reared its head from time to time since being made popular by Elvis back when he was lighting up Las Vegas. Today, it can be seen as a continuation of the men’s twin sets trend that we’ve seen become so popular in recent years. 

Today the jumpsuit, and variations such as dungarees, are proving to be a big hit with celebs who are using them to pull off that ‘effortlessly cool’ look both in casual and formal settings. 

Liverpool and England star, Trent Alexander-Arnold, paired a pair of cream Prada dungarees with a white Prada vest as he arrived at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix in style this year.

Wraparound sunglasses

No summer wardrobe is complete without the latest shades. You can’t go wrong with always-in-style classics such as aviators, wayfarers and clubmasters, but the latest men’s eyewear trend appears to be wraparound sunglasses.

You can probably thank female fashion leaders like Kim Kardashian for bringing this 90s trend back in style as wraparound sunglasses make their way from the women’s game to the men’s.

What in recent years may have been seen as a bit of a ‘dad trend’ has undergone a glow-up. Now, wraparound glasses are going from cycling stores to designer stores with luxury brands like Gucci and Prada putting their spin on the latest trend.

Classic vest

The comeback of 2024 might just be the men’s classic white vest. In the early noughties, only Eminem could pull off the vest look, with the rest of us guys looking like we’d left the house in our pyjamas.

Nowadays, people can’t get enough of a vest. Everyone from rappers to runway models is turning to a good old-fashioned vest. For those aiming to follow suit, your options range from one extreme to the other in terms of pricing with brands from ASOS to Balenciaga offering plain white vests and tank tops.  

If you’re looking to make a bit more of a statement (and looking to follow two trends with one item!) many male fashionistas are opting for a knitted version often paired with some oversized trousers.

Seriously long shorts

For the past decade, men’s shorts have seemingly been getting shorter and shorter. Well, in a sudden plot twist, it’s extreme oversized shorts that appear to be ‘in’ this summer.

Justin Bieber was spotted recently sporting a pair of basketball shorts so long they could nearly be classed as trousers. The pop star chose to pair his statement shorts with a knitted jumper and a baseball cap and for some reason, it just worked.

If basketball shorts aren’t quite your thing, or maybe you’re dressing for a smarter dress code, you’re in luck. Baggy denim shorts and oversized smart linen shorts are also proving to be popular both in and out of the office.

The oversized cardigan

Cardigans are a bit of a marmite in the world of men’s fashion. But if you’re not a fan, it might be time to get on board.

The choice of style this summer appears to be the oversized cardigan, pulled off to perfection recently by legendary F1 racing driver Sir Lewis Hamilton. He turned up to Monaco recently opting for a lightweight, light blue cardigan and not much else on top, leaving most of his torso on display to show off his tattoos and chiselled physique. 

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the body of a world-leading athlete. If you’re rocking the dad bod, a plain white tee underneath a light, oversized cardigan works just fine.


Jesus sandals

A bit like the trend of wraparound sunglasses, this is another one that used to be considered more substance than style. Sandals used to be saved for the beach and around the pool but the good news for sandal lovers is that giving your kicks a bit more of an outing this summer is totally fine. In fact, it’s cool.

Whether you go velcro, buckle, hiking or suede, there really is a type of sandal to suit everyone this summer. 

For younger trendsetters who are a bit wary of looking like their Grandad, check out how Gen Z favourites Doc Martens and Timberland have put a stylish spin on an old classic. Dr. Martens brought their iconic rubber soul to the sandal game while Timberland’s reputation for toughness has allowed them to drop a range of edgy trail sandals.

Lightweight knitwear

Knitwear has been one of the hot trends this year, and you can expect that to continue into summer 2024. In terms of men’s fashion trends, knitted polos and knitted short-sleeve shirts have particularly been a hit with stars such as Chris Evans and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson both seen rocking simple, button-up knitted shirts this year.

Patterned polos are a great option for those who like a bit more extravagance in their fashion style, while a plain knitted polo with a pair of smart trousers is a great option for when you’re heading into the office this summer.

Lightweight knitwear is also an excellent choice if you’re looking to nail the smart casual look at this year’s family BBQs.


Oversized suit trousers

Suits and sun, not a great combination when trying to keep cool but don’t negate your formalwear when sorting your summer wardrobe. Times have moved on, and guys don’t all need to all be sporting the same skinny-fit, light grey suits in 2024! 

The oversized trousers trend has been a hit in the streetwear space recently with jeans and cargos seemingly getting baggier and baggier. Now, it appears you can take this trend to family weddings and fancy dinner parties.

If you’re not convinced, David Beckham is often the guy that guys turn to for suit inspo. Becks recently opted for oversized trousers with his summer suit, so that’s good enough for us!