Understanding the difference between settings and styles isn’t easy for those who do not work in the jewellery industry. Style refers to how the ring looks and setting refers to how a gemstone sits on the ring. There have been many styles of engagement rings and they have changed through the decades. Settings, on the other hand, have always been the same. To put it into simple terms. A ring will have a head (setting) that holds the gemstone and then the wedding band (shank) is what wraps around the finger. There have been many styles and settings throughout the years when it comes to jewellery, making it difficult to pick a ring for your partner. We will discuss the most popular types and settings you can wear for an engagement ring. 

Ring Styles

Classic & Traditional Engagement Rings

These are the traditional engagement rings which you will come across daily. They are common and simplistic designs but still loved by many. Furthermore, these will be timeless pieces, meaning they don’t follow a particular style/ trend. 

The wedding band will be the usual metal for an engagement ring. These include white gold, silver and gold. The gemstone will have a classic solitaire setting or it may have three gemstones, also known as a trilogy ring or a three-stone setting. This particular style will have a large gemstone in the centre, with two smaller gemstones on either side. 


Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings have become exceedingly popular in recent years. These pieces have been passed on through family heirlooms or purchased from an antique jewellery shop. These vintage rings are unique and you can guarantee you will never come across anything like it due to the era they were created. If you are looking for an engagement ring with a pristine look and character, this is the ring for you. 

The design of a vintage engagement ring can vary, from the Edwardian age to the Art Deco era. There are many stunning engagement rings that you can wear from these eras. If the person you are proposing to prefers art deco interior design or style jewellery, consider an art deco engagement ring. Not only will the ring be unique but is affectionate as well because it is something they like. 


Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings

Another common trend in recent years but hasn’t quite caught on as much as vintage rings. It is perfect for those who adore nature trails and appreciate the natural beauty in the outside world. 

The problem with these ring styles is that they are delicate. Making them poor for those who work in a physical job. They can easily be damaged and the gemstone can snap off. If you wish for a high-quality engagement ring inspired by nature, you will pay a lot of money. 


Engagement Ring Settings 

Now, we are going to look at the engagement ring settings that are most common. Some of them you may have already heard of however, some are very new to the engagement ring trends. 


A solitaire ring is a traditional style that people wear with a modern engagement ring. This particular style is adored by many because it is simple and makes the gemstone stand out. 

On a solitaire ring, these wedding bands can vary; however, the most common is thin. Nonetheless, the wedding band can also be thicker, depending on the size of the gemstone. 

Three-Stone Setting

A three-stone setting is probably the most valuable depending on the gemstone worn. As mentioned earlier, this ring is also known as a trilogy ring. This setting will have the main gemstone and then two smaller gemstones. If you wish to buy a unique engagement ring then a three-stone setting is something you should consider. 

Bezel Ring Setting

A bezel ring setting compared to the other settings we have discussed. Furthermore, they were common during the 1900s however, they were popular with Roman and Egyptian jewellers as well. These rings have become increasingly popular in recent years with modern jewellers giving the design a more fashionable twist. This particular setting is old although it has made a return to modern trends. The design of a bezel can also hide the gemstone. If this is something you are looking for, you should consider this setting. 

Halo Ring Settings

It is our favourite style with engagement rings. Furthermore, a halo ring is arguably the most luxurious setting on this list. Furthermore, they are one of the oldest settings although they are timeless pieces which we all adore. Many modern jewellery designers will opt for this particular setting when designing engagement rings.

A halo setting would have a centre gemstone with many miniature gemstones surrounding it, just like a halo. Moreover, if you have a big budget for an engagement ring, this setting should be considered. 

Channel Setting

Last but not least, a channel setting. These engagement rings were mostly worn by those who lived in the 1900s. It is a setting that is nowhere near as common as they once were; however, they are a great setting for those with hands-on jobs.  

This particular ring style is very different from the rest that we have discussed in this article. For this, multiple gemstones will be placed in the groove of the ring, making it more secure. These rings are more durable so if you are looking for something stronger for your partner, this is the ring you should consider.  


Picking an engagement ring for your partner is difficult. The reason for that is due to the numerous styles and settings that we have mentioned. Moreover, they all have their benefits. Furthermore, if you’re unsure what your partner will like, compare it to the jewellery they already own.