In Europe, train service is available in every country, city and even town. The comprehensive system also passes many villages, making it a universal transportation option for people who travel in Europe. When travelling by rail, you can see the sights and relax more. It’s far slower than plane, but you will have the enjoyment of travel. With low-cost airplane, you often feel being herded like cattle into an industrial flying carriage. If you have been aboard an airplane hundreds of times, travelling by rail will be a memorable travel experience. Rail travel in Europe is convenient.

The railway system is often integrated with buses and inner city subways. Often, you can also connect with airport train service, so it is convenient when you are about to take a long haul flight outside the continent. For business travellers, the train is a good place to hold a brain storming session, if their schedule isn’t too tight. Thanks to the Internet, booking a train seat is easy and quick. Virtually all train services in Europe offers online booking system. You can schedule the trip and choose your seats.

Among many train services in Europe, Eurostar or EIL is among the most popular. They connect Brussels, Paris and London through the subterranean Channel Tunnel. They operate trains that travel at 300 km/h over a high speed railway line. Although there are plenty of low-cost flight options between these three capital cities, Eurostar will give you a distinct memorable experience. Eurail or Eurorail is another popular service that’s based in the Netherlands.

The catch of boarding a railway service is that you need to handle your own luggage. So, if you plan to take the train service, make sure that you travel lighter. You should bring only two medium-sized bags with you, preferably less. Some trains have a special coach for luggage, but it’s not always available, so you need to put your luggage inside the cabin. In fact, you can get the best experience by carrying only a shoulder bag or small backpack. Train in Europe is idea for short and longer trips. In order to save on the accommodation costs, you may choose overnight trips, so you can sleep in the train. If you prefer to have more comfort, you should choose sleeper cars, so you can feel refreshed the next day and then, continue with your activity.

With proper planning, rail travel in Europe can be as or more convenient than air travel. If you choose high speed trains that go directly to city centers, you could actually have shorter commute time. Also, train trips are far less affected by delays and various technical issues. For some people, clearing security checks and collecting boarding passes can consume too much time. You will need to clear customs and deal with immigrations. Commuting from airport to city center with taxi can be costly and in some areas, traffic jam in suburbs could be frustrating. Although air travel in Europe is dependable, but it’s still nowhere as reliable as the good old train service.