When it comes to tracksuit brands, it can be difficult to choose which brands you should look at. There are hundreds out there to wear, it just depends on what you are looking for in terms of style. 


Some people would prefer a loungewear tracksuit and others would prefer a style that is more athleisure. Everybody needs to own a tracksuit for those spring and autumn months which is probably why you are here. So, here are some of the best tracksuit brands that you can wear in 2022.


Starting with one of the biggest, if not the biggest streetwear brand out there, Supreme is a brand that everybody has heard of. They are a streetwear brand from North America that started the fashion trend of streetwear that we know today. Furthermore, they are masters at designing luxury tracksuits that are considered to be perfect for loungewear. 


Their style of tracksuit is on the more premium side so you must expect to be spending a lot of money on these when it comes to it. Premium tracksuits seem to be the demand as fewer people are wearing a tracksuit for sport and are more wearing it for the comfort of the outfit. Premium tracksuits like Supreme will aim for whacky designs and vibrant colours to stand out from the rest. 

The North Face 

Next up on the list is North Face. A brand that was originally intended for those that enjoy going on long hikes and outdoor adventures. However, the streetwear community took to this brand and adopted it as one of their own. Now, it is one of the most popular streetwear brands out there to wear in the United Kingdom. 


The North Face hasn’t always designed tracksuits; you could say they are relatively new to it in the last 15-20 years. The colours that a North Face tracksuit would consist of can vary. They can either be plain monochrome colours or they can be vibrant colours, similar to those of Supreme. If you wish to own a monochrome branded tracksuit then Supreme is the brand for you. 


Up next, we have Adidas, one of the biggest sportswear brands in the world, designing amazing tracksuits that are much more affordable compared to those previously mentioned. If you are looking for a more affordable tracksuit then this is one of the brands that you should consider. 


This is the type of tracksuit that you can wear when you are going to training as it has a material that is much more breathable compared to The North Face, Supreme and other premium tracksuits. It is one of the biggest sportswear brands in the UK as well as being one of the most popular for its athleisure tracksuits. 


Last but not least, Nike. Nike is the number one competitor of Adidas. Furthermore, if someone in the UK doesn’t own an Adidas tracksuit, they will likely own a Nike one instead. Again, it is a brand that dedicates its collections to sportswear however, they also have a range of clothing that suits the streetwear community such as its tracksuits


There is not much difference between Adidas and Nike in terms of quality, cost and style. Not to mention that the colours of a Nike tracksuit are also very basic. Additionally, their style is similar to Adidas, aiming for more of an athleisure style. 

To Conclude

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of tracksuits out there. Some are far more popular than others. Others are much more expensive and some are on the cheaper side, making them more affordable. If you are looking for an athleisure tracksuit, we suggest that you look at brands which aim for a sportswear style, similar to Nike and Adidas.