Summer is just around the corner and so it’s probably time for you to start getting organised for your holidays! We’re here to help you prep, from great packing tips to outfit inspiration, we’ve got everything covered. So, let’s get straight into it and help you get prepped for summer! 

Create A List

The first tip for you might be an obvious one, but creating a list is essential to a stress free build up to your holiday. Either use inspiration online for your specific type of holiday, such as searching “city break packing list” or “all inclusive holiday packing list”, for something a bit more specific to your holiday. Make sure everything from your travel documents to outfits and toiletries to shoes is on the list. Even down to your travel plugs and toothpaste, have everything on there. 

Have your list on your phone or write a physical list to tick off if you prefer that. You can gradually tick things off over time and the whole process will be a lot less stressful for you, so you can relax and travel in style

Trust us, spending half an hour writing this list will make a huge difference! 

Start Shopping Early

Our next tip after you’ve written your list is to start shopping early. It’s never too early and gradually ticking things off your list is a whole lot less stressful than doing one big rushed shop. So, if you know you need some new clothes, start looking around to see what you like and gradually shop for them. Closer to the time, start thinking about things like suncream and the rest of your toiletries. It’s super satisfying to know you’ve got things sorted, and you can just keep your suitcase underneath your bed and gradually add things. If you can’t fit your suitcase under your bed and don’t want to take up loads of space, then you could just put everything in a large bag so it’s all in one place. 

Not only is this less stressful, but it’s a good way to spread your spending across a few months to make everything a bit more manageable. 


Get Packing Cubes

Now you’re getting there by buying everything you need, we’d definitely recommend packing cubes. You can get them online or in lots of highstreet shops recently. They emerged on the market on a wide scale fairly recently and are designed to help you keep your suitcase organised, as well as to keep everything protected. 

You can organise your packing into sections, such as toiletries, evening outfits, swimwear, daytime outfits, and so on. Then, start packing separately into your packing cubes. Some packing cubes have an additional zip on them, so you can pack your clothes very full into the cubes and then you can squash it down to save more space when you zip up the additional zip. We wouldn’t recommend doing anything like this with toiletries, but for clothes, it works really well. 

This will make unpacking much easier, plus it can provide an extra layer of protection for your different clothes. 


Save Your Dry Cleaning Covers

Another great tip is to start saving any dry cleaning covers. When you pick up your dry cleaning it will likely come in a plastic cover, so keep hold of them. When it comes to packing, if you have something that is very delicate or special and you want to protect it, like your for the holiday, or graduation dresses if you’re travelling for an occasion. This will help to make sure it doesn’t get damaged in any way or snagged at all. It’s also best not to put anything very delicate into the packing cubes where they might get quite squished down, so this is another big benefit. This is a really simple tip that helps to keep your best summer pieces protected. 


Pre-Buy Your Toiletries and Pack Them Carefully 

Something else you should definitely do is pre-buy your toiletries. This might not be possible if you’re only taking hand luggage because there are limits on what you can take, however when you are checking in a bag, buy all your toiletries. 

Firstly, it will be so much cheaper. If you were thinking of buying them at the airport, it will be so much more expensive to do that and they might not have everything you need and you want to avoid any last minute panic. You might be able to get what you need, but if you like a particular brand, you don’t want to be left disappointed. Also, if you leave things like suncream or aftersun to buy when you arrive at your destination, it’s going to be painfully expensive, especially if you’re visiting a well known tourist location. 

Once you have all your toiletries, put them in your toiletry bag as you usually would. However, we always recommend that you then put your toiletries into another bag. This can be something as basic as a bin bag, but it helps to protect anything in your suitcase if your toiletries spill or break. Things like sun cream or makeup are often very hard to get out of clothing, so the last thing you want is to arrive and for your clothes to be unwearable. So, this small tip can make a huge difference if anything were to break! 

Take Transitional Pieces With You 

Taking transitional pieces away with you is another great tip that can help you to save space and widen your choice of outfits. Rather than packing 10 dresses for your holiday, or 10 outfits that you can only wear once, choose transitional pieces. This could be say 3 pairs of trousers, 3 pairs of shorts and three skirts, then take 5 or 6 tops with you. You can then mix and match for all different occasions, from daytime boat trips to fancy dinners. You might want to take a couple of special outfits, but overall taking lots of different pieces to mix and match is the best way to go! 


Print Off All Your Documents

Last but not least, make sure you print off all your documents. We’re in an age now where everything is digital, so you can have all of your boarding passes ready on your phone. However, we know that technology can be unreliable sometimes, so if your phone were to ever die or have an issue when you needed your boarding pass, you’re going to be in trouble. So, you should always send your boarding pass to the person you’re travelling with if you’re travelling with someone else, but printing it off just helps to cover all eventualities. You might not need it, but it could be a massive lifesaver if you were ever to have issues with your phone.