When travelling, we could get advices for different situations. However, some of these advices could bring troubles, instead of helping you.

  1. Put all of your cash in a single bag or wallet, so it’s easy for you pay for something: In reality, it is a good idea to divide your money and put it at different locations, such as your wallets, bags and pockets. So, you won’t lose all of your money.
  2. Bring only big banknotes to save space in your wallet: You should just bring enough money and having only big banknotes could be inconvenient when you are paying for cheap snacks from a roadside stall.
  3. Dress stylishly: There are advices on how to become fashionable and stylish during your trip. The most important thing is to feel and be comfortable with your clothes. Stylish clothing doesn’t guarantee comfort, especially if it’s particularly cold or hot in the area.
  4. Tell fellow travellers in great details about yourself: It’s a good thing to become friendly with everyone, but it doesn’t that you can divulge everything. When you tell someone your business or occupation, it can be risky. Dishonest people could look for ways to mislead you and snatch your money using various tricks.
  5. Buy the tastiest and most appetizing foods in the area: Tastiest foods are not always healthy and affordable. If you want to stay in shape longer, then you should have balanced diet, by including enough veggies and fruits each day. A meat dish with plenty of oil or butter could be tasty, but try to avoid it.
  6. Buy electrical appliances, they are so cheap: It’s true that appliances, like electric razor and small radio players, can be quite cheap in many areas, especially developing countries. However, their quality can be quite low, so they can break faster. It’s better to purchase quality stuff, if possible.
  7. Hide all money in underwear: It’s a common trick, so that travellers can enter a much smaller sum of cash in the customs declaration. However, there are random checks and you can be searched. When airport security personnel sense unusual bulge under your clothing, you will be checked more thoroughly. Fines can be quite high if you get caught hiding money.
  8. Don’t close the door when sleeping, so you can get fresh air: Some bungalow hotels may appear to be quiet and safe. Hotel workers and locals can be honest, but you don’t know what other travellers would do, when they see the opportunity.
  9. Eat more garlic and onion: There could be some herbal remedies for mild ailments. However, eating raw garlic and onion could cause body or mouth odor. There’s nothing wrong about using herbal remedies, but make sure that they are not intrusive.
  10. You don’t have to bring medicines with you, you can purchase them at local stores: Often, some of the tourists destinations are located in fairly remote areas. Drugstores and doctors may not be available nearby. So, when you have stomach ache or nausea, you can’t rely on medications to ease symptoms.