It’s not a surprise that social media is shaping the beauty industry. It shouldn’t be a surprise that social media is shaping every industry. The way people live now and the way we do things is so different solely because of the Internet.

Messages travel around faster, they get to more people, more countries. What used to take a month, takes only seconds today and even though, this is absolutely positive for the most part, we cannot deny its flaws. Social media has the power of setting new trends, new looks and basically everything that is in and out with just a click.

What is it about Social Media and the Beauty Industry?

Social Media

I believe these two became intertwined because social media has revealed many people who are incredibly talented and wouldn’t be popular if it weren’t for their profiles and accounts on the Internet.

Creative people bounce off each other and a little trend can easily become trend of the year if enough people support it. Yes, trends nowadays last a very short period of time, but think about this, even if they last for a week or so, they’ll affect millions. Millions of people will see these trends, wear them, discuss them and like them. It’s almost as if once we set it out into the world, everyone has a quick look at it and then it disappears into nothing.

Why Could This be Potentially Negative?

The thing is these quick trends affect everyone. The rich and the poor alike, people with confidence, people without it, the young and the old, it just affects anyone who is on social media. The fact that most influencers are sharing their lavish lives on the platforms, doesn’t help others to understand their own lives and to be happy with what they’ve got. I see no problem in wanting to succeed, but we’ve gone from that to impossible beliefs. Fast fashion and fast beauty are issues and consumerism is now at its peak.

Even if we’re not talking about consumerism, we still have to deal with how young girls are influenced to look a certain way or to dress like this or that person. The same issues we, as a society, were trying to fight, are being served, at a higher scale, with a click of a button. It’s neither easy to hide, nor to protect ourselves or our loved ones from all the ads and sponsors and luxuries.

Can We Hide? Can We Protect Ourselves?

Fortunately, not everything is bad and social media is shaping the beauty industry in many positive ways too. Because of social media, brands are now forced to be more inclusive, there is more awareness to certain issues and feedback is always possible – and most times than not, welcome.

Because of social media, women have also started paying more attention to themselves, sometimes going to a cosmetic clinic or a spa, not because they’re shoving this down our throats, but because we deserve it and we want to take good care of ourselves. Women have learnt to make no excuses for wanting to be pampered and relaxed as it’s well deserved.

Not everything is bad. Just like anything in life, there are two sides to every story – the good and the bad. Social media works exactly the same way. On the one hand, we have more inclusion, support and love being spread all over the world.

Voices are heard, connections are made and the world is learning that we can depend on each other, if we’re united. On the other hand, there is the negativity and what doesn’t make us happy – we leave that outside our doors. We don’t need it. Welcome the good and positive only. You have the choice.

In the end, what matters is that social media is shaping the beauty industry and it’s opening doors, windows and entire houses to people who wouldn’t have been heard otherwise.