Even for people who are wheelchair-bound, it is still possible for them to have great trip. Here are things you should do:

  1. Bring a few shower caps: This could sound like a weird tip. But, this could be quite handy. When it suddenly rains, then you need to protect the chair from getting wet. Cover the joystick controller with shower cap, so the electronics won’t be wet by the rain. You can still use the joystick, even if it’s covered by the shower cap.
  2. Find a wheelchair repair shop in the area: Wheelchair have electronics and mechanical components that may not be able to withstand the wear and tear of long distance trips. Google Maps can help you to find wheelchair repair shops in your destination cities. Read reviews to make sure that they can repair your wheelchair relatively quickly, because you may not be able to wait for a whole day or more, because it will cost you a lot of money.
  3. Bring some extra money: Sometimes, you need more money that you think you’ll need. It would be troublesome to go the ATM when you run out of money. There could be some tasty street foods and attractions that you are eager to try. Add at least $250 to your budget, but of course, it doesn’t mean that you can splurge. Stick with your budget if it’s possible.
  4. Book transportation in advance: When travelling, you may find that not all transportation services accommodate people with wheelchairs. By booking in advance, you should be able to choose transportation options that accept people with wheelchair. If you book at last minute, you may get transportation that may be inconvenient.
  5. Bring an empty bag for your wheelchair parts: Many wheelchair models allow you to detach the joystick component, headrest and footrests. Sometimes you may need to strip your wheelchair to its barebones functionality, due to space and weight limitation. Make sure that the bag is durable and can protect delicate components against impacts.
  6. Check voltage: It can be tricky to charge your wheelchair in the destination area. With improper voltage, your charger could blow up. Make sure that you bring a converter, if the destination country has improper voltage. Converter in the destination location can be fairly expensive, so consider bringing it from home. If accident happens and your charger is damaged, make sure that you know where to get a replacement in local store.
  7. Don’t rely too much on online booking: If possible, you should call, instead of just book online. Sure, it would be fun just to browse and compare. However, by calling directly, you may get plenty of additional information. You may ask for the latest update to see whether it’s acceptable for you to go. As an example, a hotel could be under renovation, so even if it’s originally wheelchair-friendly, it may not be convenient for you to stay there right now. It’s also possible for you to get the latest deals that are not revealed in their official website yet. So, you can save money directly.