Many people don’t know how to pack properly when they perform a trip to distant places, such as Alaska. Because Alaska has a rather extreme environment, even during summer, then you should carefully pack your clothing and accessories, so you can remain comfortable. Alaska could have generally cool to slightly warm temperature during the summer or late spring, but improper clothing could cause you to feel freezing, especially if you plan to have some fishing or kayaking activities. If the weather forecasts tell you that it will be sunny for most of the day, then you should wear light-weight clothing. Getting drenched in sweat in Alaska won’t be comfortable, because it could be cloudy during the afternoon and the temperature may drop a bit sharply.

Choose clothing that allows proper air circulation, so you can cool yourself down during hiking. Cordura, Gortex and Fleece offers lightweight clothing that is ideal for your activity in Alaska during summer. However, coastal areas in Alaska often have higher precipitation, so it’s very important for you to stay dry. It means that you may need to bring boots or rain gear.  Many fishing and hunting lodges have rain gears that you can borrow. Most of the time, you don’t need to pack rain gears and if you can’t borrow them, you may buy affordable rain gears from local stores. They should be convenient. They may not be very durable, but often you will only need to use them for a few times during the trip, if you are sure that the weather is mostly sunny based on the forecasts.

Another mistake is if you don’t choose the right travel insurance for the trip to Alaska. As we all know, Alaska is like any other 48 states in the mainland. It’s largely a harsh territory, even during late spring and summer. So, when booking for a trip to Alaska, you should be sure to get everything well prepared, including having the right insurance policy. Even the most well planned outing could go wrong without warning. With travel insurance, you should be able to protect yourself financially. Travel insurance should be a worthwhile investment for any traveller, especially when they want to stay outdoor, especially in the wild. Ask your provider whether there’s an Adventure Travel Policy. It could be a bit more expensive than regular travel insurance, but it should worth the extra investment.

When choosing a comprehensive travel policy, it may include medical expenses coverage, travel delay coverage, lost baggage coverage and emergency evacuation coverage. Any savvy traveller should know that Alaska is among the most rugged places in the world. It is the place for travellers who seek adventure. Medical evacuation alone could cost a few thousands of dollars, especially if you are in the remote areas. Illness and injuries could happen during a trip. Even sprained ankle could prove fatal, if you may become stranded for days in the wilderness. A good travel protection policy may provide 100 percent reimbursement of any unexpected expense.