There are several people around the world, who would not believe that the car can be painted by spray can. Additionally, this painting is relatively cheap, and your system can be painted beautifully from top to bottom. You will never love your system, if it is worn off, or covered with rust.
Painting can save your car from rust or corrosion, and enhance the look. It is not possible for an individual to buy a new car every 2 years, or spend a lot of money on maintenance. The car will look equally better with car paint services, and you just need to spend some hours of your schedule.

Materials Required

1- Paint thinner (make sure it says 100% mineral spirits)
2- Shop rag
3- Tack cloth
4- Rustoleum Paint
5- Sand Paper or Sanding block
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Step to Paint using Spray can

  • Preparing the System: Initially, you will need to paint thinner and shop rag to prepare the surface. You need to apply the thinner on surfaces, where you are planning to paint. Secondly, you can use a tack cloth to clean the surface.
  • Selecting the paint: It is always a complicated task to decide the paint. There are several varieties available, and each of them has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Rustoleum is still the best among all the varieties and will give you the best results. The results with other paints are horrible, and you may end up disliking your own car. You need to shake Rustoleum paint thoroughly and spin it simultaneously.
  • Applying Paint: You need to maintain a distance of 8 inches from the car, and apply the first coating of paint. It is pretty sure, that the first coat will be messy, but you have to keep it light. You need to wait for a while, and apply the second coating in a more structured way. Additionally, the second coating has to be heavier than the first one. You need to make sure that the spray is evenly distributed around the edges. The second coating should give you 80% of the coverage. You need to repeat the above process for the third time, and this time make sure that the coverage is 100%. Your system will look shiny, but there is still a lot of processes left. You need to allow the system to dry for 2 days, as it will be very wet, after you have applied the third coating.
  • Waiting: This process is always tough, irrespective of the task you perform. The paint will look perfect in the presence of sunlight, but when you check the paint in shade; you will find a lot of orange peel off. You need to make sure, that the orange peel has been removed. You need to use the shop rag to clean the surface. The paint will appear dull, but you have to wait for two more days to get the best results.
  • Sanding block: Sanding block is ideal, as it would better protect your system. Rub sanding block on surfaces to remove the orange peel, and spend some time to fix the odd spots. You will then need compound, and shop rag to clear the surfaces. You have to wait for the next day to see the best results.

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Lastly, this process is easier, as you don’t require wet sand to remove the uneven surfaces. You will get excellent results with the spray can, and if you have properly followed the above procedure; you won’t find any orange peel off. However, the use of the spray can on the large panel is extremely tough. Secondly, you will need some practice to get the best results.