Once the baby comes you won’t have enough free time, if any, to deal with getting your home in order for the little one. This is why it’s always a lot better to do the preparations before the baby is born. That way, you’ll be able to relax and focus on your little bundle of joy. If you’re wondering what has to be done, as well as want to know some helpful extras, consider the following checklist.

Childproof Your Home

It’s true that your newborn won’t go crawling around as soon as you bring them home, but you can never be too sure when they’re going to start doing exactly that. And with all the responsibilities that you have, it’s easy to forget about the more dangerous areas in your home. In that respect, it’s best to childproof your home before the child’s there. Essentially, you want to get rid of the furniture and other objects that have very sharp edges or use protective covers on those edges so that a small kid can’t hurt themselves when they bump into them.

Get Rid of Toxins

A lot of new parents opt for zero-VOC paint when they’re redoing their home or setting up a nursery. But this is not the only way to remove harmful toxins from the environment. For starters, you should really address all of the cleaning agents and other chemicals that you use. It’s always better to completely replace those with all-natural cleansers and at least keep those that are essential in the top cabinets, far away from the child’s reach. Furthermore, consider what types of plants you have indoors. Some plants may look beautiful but they can be toxic for a small kid.

Boost the Look of Your Living Room

Your living room is probably going to turn into a family room, at least while your child is still young. In that respect, it’s important to organize and decorate this area so that it feels comfy and cosy for everyone. Get rid of furniture items that may have been interesting while the two of you were on your own but seem redundant now that the child has come into your life. Instead, place a baby walker and toys in one designated space of the living room. A baby playpen may be an ideal addition.

Aside from the baby things, this may be the perfect time to redecorate your living room as well. For starters, you may want to remove or deep clean the carpets. In case there’s a need for a fresh coat of paint, use the opportunity before the baby is born to deal with this project. Or, you can add more warmth and texture to your new family room with timber cladding, thus creating a cosier and more rustic feel for your whole family to enjoy. Also, make sure that all of your lights work properly, and, if possible, install dimmer switches throughout your home to improve baby’s comfort.

Organize a Nursery

Sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with a nursery organization, so why not make it sooner? It will be easier for you. You want a bright room that’s warm enough for a small child but not too warm that it gets uncomfortable. The crib/cot shouldn’t be right next to the wall, windows or the radiator. This is the room where you want to keep the main storage. Feel free to get regular closets as your child will be able to use those when they’re older, too. This is where you can put a changing table and a chair for yourself, as well. Of course, you have a lot of decorating options for a nursery so don’t hesitate to use your creativity. Pastel colours are really popular. If you want some wall art, make sure that the baby can’t reach it. Don’t forget to get a good-quality baby monitor either.

Prepare Your Bedroom

Even if you want to have a proper nursery, the chances are that your baby will sleep next to you in your bedroom for the first couple of months. Because of that, you want to make sure that your bedroom has enough space and other essentials for a small child. In that respect, a bassinet is an ideal solution. If your bassinet doesn’t have side pockets that hold the sheets, burp cloths and other baby stuff, make sure to prepare a basket, a set of drawers or separate storage that will hold these things so that you can easily reach for them.

Of course, make sure that you buy everything you and your baby will need in time so that you can properly organize the new layout and storage in your home. Remember, it’s not about creating an Instagram-perfect home but a place that’s safe for your newborn child and functional for you as a parent.