Cross country road trip is one of the most exciting things that you can do. If you are a new road tripper, it’s a good thing for you to get fully prepared and enjoy everything. Here are a few road trip rules that you should know:

  1. Study the map: Open your smartphone and click on the Maps app. First choose your starting and destination points. The app will give you the shortest route. It should also give you an estimation of the travel time to reach each of your destinations. To get the most experience fns that could offer you great sights. By understanding the map better, you won’t underestimate anything. It would not be fun to be in the middle of nowhere at 11PM and you are feeling tired. Be sensible and rom your trip, you shouldn’t always choose the fastest route by going through highways. There are small roads and towmake sure that you reach the next accommodation at around 6PM.
  2. Get real: You may think that you can drive 12 hours a day, but it would be quite tiresome after a week. Make sure that your trip doesn’t feel tedious and you should look for fun. Road trip shouldn’t become a form of self-torture and you shouldn’t spend more than 10 hours behind the wheel each day. Get plenty of breaks and allow yourself to enjoy some sightseeing activities. You should take your time and choose to do anything that you are interested in.
  3. Plan out the sight: If you don’t have proper planning, it could be a very boring road trip. Many interesting things are not immediately visible. For each state you pass through, make sure that you get proper guidebooks or do online research. You may find dozens of potential places to visit in each state and you should choose those that you are interested in.
  4. Book everything in advance: If you are still looking for accommodation during a road trip, then you are not well prepared. By booking hotels, lodging or campgrounds, you can have much structured road trip plan. When you book ahead, it is possible that you will more affordable accommodation. If you don’t get proper accommodation in time, you may need to sleep inside the car, which is not comfortable and you will tired the next day. Research comfortable and affordable hotels along the route. Before you go, you should make a list of accommodation choices and write down everything, including physical address and telephone number.
  5. Prepare your car: Before taking weeks of cross-country road trip, make sure that you really take care of your car. You are about to push your car to its limits. Read maintenance manual to find out about things that you should do, such as cooling system flushes, tune-ups and timing belts adjustments. Also ask the mechanic to check air filters, spark plugs, battery, steering system, braking system and all fluids. Drive on a quiet road at moderate speed with windows closed and air conditioning turned off. Notice whether there are weird smell or noise. Try to pinpoint the source an deal with it.