It is important to ensure that your truck is spic and span on the outside, as well as on the inside. This is because a clean truck not only spreads a positive impression wherever you go, but you get to be more comfortable in a clean truck as well, particularly if you sleep in it. In this case, below are some expert tips when it comes to cleaning your sleeper truck.

Make a cleaning schedule

One of the primary things that you need to do before you even begin cleaning your sleeper is to make a cleaning schedule that you will be able to adhere to. Certain cleaning tasks take no more than a couple of minutes such as removing the trash or wiping your dashboard. For these types of cleaning tasks, make it a habit to do them daily. For other cleaning tasks that require more time, arrange them in a weekly or monthly schedule.

Make sure to include a deep clean schedule for your sleeper as well. More often than not, a yearly deep clean schedule proves to be sufficient. A deep clean is also necessary for those who are looking into putting up their trucks for sale. This is the reason why you will find most sleeper trucks for sale in Texas or in any other state for that matter, sparkling clean and ready for the next owner. This is not only for the buyer but for the seller as well because deep cleaning makes the true value of the truck shine.


As you spend more and more time with your truck, you will inevitably acquire a lot of clutter over time. Since your truck has limited livable space, any clutter can lead to a big mess instantly. This is the reason why you need to make decluttering a habit. This entails the need for you to take out anything that doesn’t need to be inside your sleeper such as your trash, food wrappers, as well as old newspapers.

Invest in storage containers if you have to so that you will be able to organize your stuff better. Categorize your stuff per container because in doing so, you will be able to know where to get the item that you need immediately when you need it. As soon as you get used to having all of your belongings in a proper place, it will prove to be more effortless for you to cut down on your clutter.

Invest in cleaning gears

Cleaning your sleeper may prove to be a breeze if you have the proper cleaning gear for it. For instance, a shop vacuum with a brush attachment can help you easily clean your carpets, while its crevice attachment will aid you in reaching other hard to reach areas where crumbs, dust, and dirt may have been accumulated. Also, make sure that you have disinfecting wipes at all times because they can come in handy as well.

Focus on the interiors

In cleaning your truck, you must put extra focus on your interiors, particularly on your sleeper berth. This is to ensure that you don’t develop any respiratory problems later on which can be caused by the accumulation of dust and even mold spores. Thus, make sure to take your mattress out of your sleeper berth at least once a year and beat the dust out of it. While airing it out, take time to clean the rest of your cab.

Make the exterior of your truck sparkle

As soon as you are through with cleaning the interiors of your truck, the next step is for you to make its exteriors shine. There is the option for you to use a pressure washer to give your exteriors a good wash. Just keep in mind to set the washer in a low and safe setting to preserve the paint job of your vehicle. A pressure washer already proves to be sufficient in eliminating dirt, mud, clay, as well as any dead bugs in the exterior of your truck. Nevertheless, a high-quality automotive soap and a coat of wax thereafter can also do wonders in your exteriors.

Replace old equipment

Finally, take some time to replace any old equipment as soon as you are done cleaning. In this case, check your lights and windshield wipers, as well as anything in your dashboard that may already need new parts.

The Bottomline

Make sure that you keep your sleeper clean at all times because a clean truck is a sign of a true professional. While it may entail a bit of an effort to do so, you will find that it is all worth it in the end because a clean truck can provide ultimate comfort both when you are driving on the road, as well as when you are taking a much-needed break. Just follow the expert tips above and you will have a sparkling clean sleeper in no time.

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