Certainly, all of the folks out there believe that a little extra space always comes in handy whether you need it and even if you don’t. When talking about bathroom shelves, vanities, closets and cabinets, always remember this space must be dedicated to what you’d need when you’re in bathroom! In any renovation project try telling your contractor that wardrobes may look brilliant and truly exotic on the outside, but it won’t be good for the life of the clothes hanging inside!

Nowadays, bathroom remodeling tends to be incomplete without a sliding wardrobe though it adds grandness to the whole space but do contemplate over this – Is the moisture good for my clothes?

What Can Be The Alternative?

Instead of installing wardrobe in one entire wall, a better option is positioning standard sized cabinets. Bathroom cabinet replacement is fit for the job as they know that what material would withstand moisture for long and thus protecting your stuff inside. Today, new types of top paint that’s available in the market can be used to further safeguard the cabinet!

Cabinets serves a better alternative because: –

  • A carved design looks way more attractive than a ceiling to floor built in wardrobe.
  • A small bathroom can even look cozy with a refreshing tone of cabinet.
  • Helps hiding the ugly open plumbing, for sure!

Many times, optimizing space in a congested bathroom shouldn’t be your primary concern because they’re a great addition to transform any ordinary bathroom into something special.

Styles in Cabinets

Taking support from bathroom cabinet replacement company near you, would be a must because of the ever-growing needs of a big house hold.

In the world of cabinetry, you’d have plenty of types fashioned out of different materials. Flat styled cabinets look stylishly sleek and are affordable for a fuss-free simple look.

Next in line is Distressed Style, offering a weathered and classic vintage look. They look splendid with huge gleaming mirrors and chic accents like brushed metal counter accessories.

Beadboard cabinets have the ability to make your bathroom look like it’s a part of a lovely cottage, having a careful and neatly polished surface! Other styles include louvered, shaker and inset style and look equally interesting if they’re designed and placed artistically.

Spaciousness Yet Better Functionality!

Dexterous custom cabinet maker can turn a ho-hum master bath, into a relaxing space that you’d never want to leave in the morning! Here you can have his and hers sinks with accompanying vanities, to house everything from fresh towels to toiletries.

To have extra space also involves a bit of science on the maker’s part. Because having side cabinets with shelves near the ceiling may not always be convenient, if you have to bring a stool to reach up to it! Also, its appearance doesn’t look outstanding at all! That’s why go for a contractor with vision and expertise. He’d plan wisely and do what may be most feasible, and functional for your use and as well as your kids!