Changing yourself to become a healthier version of you can be difficult, but it is much easier than you might think! You don’t need to make major changes to your entire lifestyle, but start with a few small swaps and you will soon see the benefits, from where you can gradually make more changes to become the best and healthiest version of yourself.


Prepare Your Lunches On A Sunday 

The first thing you can do to become healthier and happier is to prepare your meals on a Sunday. If you are having a busy week, it can be way too tempting to grab something quick and often unhealthy for lunch or to order a takeaway. So, a great thing to do is to go to a foodshop on a Sunday, prepare your lunches for the week so you have healthy meals ready to go. Make sure these meals contain plenty of protein to keep you full throughout the day, as well as lots of colourful fruits and veg to give your body the boost of nutrients it will need mid-day. 

This might take a few hours, but having healthy lunches ready to eat will not only be good for your body, but they will also give you a great boost of energy to keep you feeling great all day long. If you struggle for time, then you can order low calorie meal prep to save you time whilst also making sure that you have all the nutrients you need. 


Get Enough Sleep 

Another tip, and perhaps one of the most important, is to get enough sleep! Sleep, or a lack of, can have an impact on all areas of life, from your physical state to your brain functions. Your body desperately needs sleep as this is when your body recovers the most from the day. The right amount of sleep also helps the body to fight disease and develop immunity, as well as maintaining a healthy metabolism. Sleep is also absolutely essential to make sure that your mental functioning is at its best! 

Aim for 7-8 hours sleep a night, and to help you do so, spend an hour before bed unwinding away from technology, such as spending an hour reading or having a nice hot bath. Once you get into a routine of 7-8 hour sleep a night, your body and mind will thank you for it! 


Do More Steps

The first thing you can do to kickstart a healthier lifestyle is to take more steps! If you currently do little or no exercise, then jumping straight into the gym or a sport is not likely to be realistic or sustainable. So, a good goal is to take more steps as this is something that can easily be incorporated into daily life, it helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and it is generally good for your physical and mental health. 

So, here are a few tips to help incorporate more steps into your day. Most smartphones track your steps, so start by aiming for around 5,000 steps. You can achieve this by going for a morning walk with a coffee to wake yourself up and clear your mind ready for the day ahead. To get away from your desk at lunchtime, go for a walk to stretch your legs. You could go for a walk when you get back from work to help you unwind after a busy day. If you get public transport to and from work, try and get off a few stops early and you can easily fit a few extra steps in! 

This might not sound like a lot, but all of these steps will really add up. Start by aiming for 5,000 then you can move your way up when you feel ready. The end goal should be around 10,000 which is considered a good amount to keep you nice and healthy!