Diabetic people often face many difficulties regarding the food they can or cannot eat. Usually, if you are a diabetic patient, you cannot consume foods with high sugar content. It is unnecessary for your body as it cannot process it.

Thereby, to keep your blood glucose level at a healthy range is quite important for people suffering from diabetes. There is a certain index known as the glycemic index that diabetic people will follow in order to stay in that healthy range.

So you should know the best breakfast cereal for diabetic patients and other foods that are good for their health.

For instance, while taking carbohydrates, you should take care of its quantity. It’s not good to avoid them completely but high carbohydrate levels can be fatal for your health.

Let’s talks about breakfast cereals in detail.

List of 6 Best Breakfast Cereal for Diabetic Patients

Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran

This cereal is a good source of fiber in your body. It will help regulate your bowel movements and maintain your digestive system as best as possible. The best part about it is that it’s diabetes safe. Thereby, people who suffer from diabetes are able to consume it without harming their system.

Corn by-products are always good for the body. This cereal does contain carbohydrates, but not so much that it because the cause of diabetes. It has a good ratio of most nutrients.

Kashi Organic Sprouted Grains Cereal

Grains are good for the body. They are good sources of nutrients in your body without the harmful substances. The carbohydrate level of this cereal is enough that a normal diabetic person may be able to consume it without getting sick. Also, it will not rise your blood glucose levels.

You can use about 1 cup of this cereal without risking a diabetic attack. This means that the cereal is quite filling and you don’t need to hold yourself back from eating a well-rounded breakfast in the morning.

Apart from that, the cereal also tastes quite good.

Annie’s Organic Frosted Oat Flakes

This cereal offers a serving size of about three quarters of a cup, making it enough for a normal person to have a filling breakfast without triggering their diabetes in any way. The carbohydrate content in this cereal is about 27 grams making it ideal.

It may be a whole grain oat with wheat, but the content distribution makes it so, that it won’t cause your blood glucose levels to strike unnecessarily. The cereal also offers a healthy fiber content in its constituents which can help with keeping your digestive system regulated and healthy.

Cascadian Farm Organic Cinnamon Crunch

This is one of the tastiest and most appreciated cereals on this list. People who love that little bit of spike in their breakfast will love this cereal because of the cinnamon. This is an organically produced cereal with a decent fiber content for your digestive system.

Also, a standardized carbohydrate system which will help fill up a diabetic person, but won’t be cause of trouble for their blood glucose levels. The fat content in this cereal is very limited and good for the body. Thus, it won’t be the cause of diabetes levels striking up.

Love Grown Original Power O’s

This cereal is made from brown rice and whole grains. These happen to be the best source of carbohydrates for diabetic people because of the lack of concentrated sugars. Whole grain is also much better for diabetic people because it isn’t processed.

Furthermore, there aren’t any ingredients in the carbohydrates that could be the cause of diabetes levels striking up. This brand also offers a cinnamon version of the cereal which diabetic people can eat because of it being whole grain and natural sugars. The cinnamon may even be good for the body in the morning.

Barbara’s Puffins Original

A diabetic person will be able to eat at least three quarters of a cup without getting sick. The carbohydrate content in this cereal is about 24 grams. There is a generous amount of fiber in this cereal which can help regulate the bowel movements of the person.

Apart from that, the cereal can be mixed with fruits and nuts depending on the kind of diabetes you have and how much you can consume. This is one of the best tasting cereals on this list. Whole grain is always better for diabetic people because it happens to be less processed.


Often times, people begin to believe that they can’t consume cereals, period, because of their diabetic condition, but that is not always the case. If your condition is dire, then it may be ideal to not consume carbs or sugars.

However, a lot of the times, it is very common for diabetic people to have a healthy intake of carbs to keep their body going. Carbs give people the energy that they need to start their day and even in general.

Therefore, before opting best breakfast cereal for diabetic patients, first consult your doctor. Also, do specific research regarding your own condition to find the cereal that may be perfect for you.