Being a tenant with a pet is common, but not all landlords get along with pets. There are some property owners with no place for pets in their houses – or hearts and thus, when they see their tenants asking them about bringing in a pet, things end up going downhill from there.

Let’s face it, things around us our pretty mean and to help us cope with stress and anxiety, pets play a huge role.

Did you know roughly 35% of the tenants in the US complain that if their landlords had allowed they would’ve kept pets? So, your dream of keeping a pet can go down the drain if you don’t find the right landlord.

However, you know what they say, there’s a silver lining to every distress and luckily, there are some cities in the US where you can easily find pet-loving landlords. So, if you have a bunch of pets and you’re looking to relocate, allow us to help you find the right city for you and your furry little friend.

Top Cities With Pet-Friendly Landlords

  • San Diego, California

Landlords in San Diego have a big heart, which is why they won’t object if you plan to move into their place with a cat or a dog. Plus, there are so many dog parks in the city, along with a number of other pet services too. So, moving to San Diego can be the right decision if you are a pet person.

  • New York City, New York

Again, no property owners in this area will have second thoughts before letting you rent their apartment with a pet. New York City has a ton of restaurants and cafés that allow pets. So, New York City is another addition to our list.

  • Louis, Missouri

Midwest has a big heart for pets and their owners. St. Louis is another city where you can easily find pet-friendly landlords. Plus, there are tons of other pet-oriented parks and attractions that will make you get a dog even if you haven’t got one. Not only this, but the rent in this city is also affordable too.

  • Chicago, Illinois

What makes Chicago another favorite yet affordable city for renters is its LOVE for pets. Not only you will find pet loving landlords but there is a number of restaurants that allow pets in as if they are customers too. Plus, there are more than 20 dog parks in the city, where you can walk your dog off the leash and make memories with your furry-buddy to cherish forever.

All in All

It doesn’t just end here, there are more cities where you can find pet-friendly rental apartments. Gone are the days when pet-parents had to unwillingly drop their furry buddies at pet shelters only because their landlords were being rigid. There are a lot of cities where you can easily move with your pet alongside; all you need to do is some research.