Year by year, the second largest residential area in Pennsylvania receives thousands of tourists and doesn’t cease to amaze with its unique architecture, beauty, comfort, as well as the picturesque bridges surrounding the city. In addition to aesthetic beauty, it’s considered to be a major economic, industrial, transport and cultural center of the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

Each traveler will find his own reason to visit this fascinating city, which will be a great way to spend several days of vacation. Rent a car and you can see it for yourself by exploring the many local attractions. Payless at Pittsburgh airport offers many vehicle models at an affordable price, while allows you to compare deal by different parameters. You can choose any car to your taste among the economy, compact, full-size, luxury and 7-passenger options, thereby making your trip with Payless at Pittsburgh airport comfortable and easy.

So, if a rental car is ready, let’s find the best reason to go to Pittsburgh soon…

  1. Rich story

The extensive cultural heritage of Pittsburgh is a consequence of its rich and eventful history. The first buildings were erected in 1758, after the forced eviction of the French by the British. Then, in 1761 a city was finally erected, which was named after the famous British politician Pitt.

In the following years, Pittsburgh rapidly developed and increased its industrial power by production of bronze, steel, and tin. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the city gave out more than half of all the country’s steel. During this period, a significant population growth of up to 500 thousand was recorded due to immigrants arriving from European countries.

In 1980, the city was swallowed by the economic crisis, which resulted in the closure of many enterprises, the dismissal of people and poverty. The population at that time in Pittsburgh decreased to 300 thousand. In order to restore economic, social well-being and prevent decline, the government made a bet on the development of science, technology, culture, tourism. And it was a successful step – Pittsburgh soon restored its economy and turned into a powerful state center in Pennsylvania. Currently, the population of Pittsburgh is 305 thousand people.

  1. Favorable climate

Pittsburgh is a great city to visit in terms of weather conditions. The climate here is temperate continental with clearly defined 4 seasons. Summer is hot, winter is cold. Autumn and spring is the time in Pittsburgh, featuring the warmest and most comfortable weather.

The average temperature in summer ranges from +22 to +23°C, in winter – from -2 to -3°C. Pennsylvania is located among the mountains, so annual rainfall is usually above normal. Regardless of the time of year, there are equally many tourists there, since weather conditions are not a determining factor when planning a trip.

  1. Highly developed economy

Pittsburgh has many names: the Steel City, the Smoke City, Pennsylvania Key, etc. This is due to the fact that until the early seventies of the last century, Pittsburgh was the center of the steel industry – the main production facilities of the country were located there. But heavy industry, the presence of a huge number of plants and factories, had a strong impact on the ecology of the area. The city was hidden behind a dense veil of smoke from continuous production.

Gradually, the industry receded into the background, and the environmental situation improved. The city has transformed into a cultural and economic center. Now healthcare, education and financial affairs have become priority sectors in the economy.

Reforms helped to achieve the development of tourism, and heavy industry gave way to technological industries. Now the city is famous for its electronic, instrument-making, chemical, printing, and food industry. Also, at a high level is the production of industrial automation systems and software.

Since about the mid-80s, the city was given the status of one of the most suitable cities for traveling and residence, since it features a relatively low cost of living in general, a low crime rate, well-developed entertainment infrastructure and educational sphere.

  1. Many attractions around

Pittsburgh has another good reason to go there – these are great sights. The most interesting is the center of Pittsburgh. It has long been called the Golden Triangle, as it’s located at the confluence of two rivers into one. The confluence of the rivers resembles an arrow in its shape, which divides the city into four parts: Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western.

Huge modern skyscrapers and old restored buildings somehow harmoniously coexist on the territory of the Golden Triangle, making this city even more attractive for travelers.

Pittsburgh is called the City of Bridges, as there are 446 bridges within the area. The University of Pittsburgh is the city’s most famous educational institution and a perfect place of interest.

The northern part of the city consists mainly of residential areas. But among the residential buildings, such city sights as the stadium, the Carnegie Science Center, the Pittsburgh Observatory and the National Aviary are conveniently located there.

Pittsburgh’s favorite tourist destination is the South Shore. This is the name of the territory located on the banks of the Monongahela River between two bridges. Now on the coast you’ll find a stunning old Station Square, on which all iconic railway buildings, warehouses, waiting rooms are still preserved in their original form.

But in addition to historical architecture, the square is the center for various celebrations and festivals. There is everything for relaxation: cafes, restaurants, bars, concert halls, and entertainment venues.