Switzerland is blessed with so many great mountain sceneries on the Swiss Alps. The area offers top-quality slopes that are covered with thick snow, ideal for snowboarding, even the whole year round. Awesome sceneries in the area are worthy of a postcard. When taking a vacation to the Swiss Alps region, you won’t be disappointed. There are many ski resort villages in Switzerland, which can be accessed by bus or train. These resorts are accessible from Germany, France and Italy as well. A popular train service called Glacier Express is among many options that you can choose to reach the area.

Swiss ski resorts are often considered as world-class, that offer plenty amenities and excellent experience for guests. Some are quite modern, while others offer rustic experience. Regardless of what resort you choose, you should always get excellent and top notch services. There are also budget resorts in some villages. Although they may not provide full services compared to the larger establishment, you often stay near the locals and experience their daily lives.  Zermatt is one of the most popular ski resorts in Swiss and it’s a car-free village that retains old Swiss traditions.

Zermatt is located directly under the most popular peak in the region, known as the Matterhorn. Due to its high elevation, it is possible to do skiing in Zermatt 12 months each year. The most popular spot is known as the Klein Matterhorn area. Another great place for skiing and snowboarding is called Interlaken, which is located just south of Bern. Interlaken has a couple wonderful lakes, the Lake Thun located in the West and Lake Breinz located in the East. In the town of Interlaken, there are more than forty Alps hotels, which can accommodate thousands of tourists during the peak season.

The largest and the most popular resort in the Swiss Alps region is the Grindelwald, which is located in the Jungfrau Region. It is offering about 213 kilometers of skiing routes and more than 50 pistes. Grindenwald is also an ideal base for any mountaineer who wants to climb the peaks of Klein and Mannlichen. When choosing a ski resort in Swiss Alps region, you should explore the website. You will find the latest updates, so you can have better experience during the trip. Other than Grindelwald, you should also visit the resort area of Murren, which is ideal for any snow-related activity.

Murren is also highly accessible, with three airports within 2 hours drive. As an example, the major Bern airport can be reached by bus or car just an hour away. There are 12 ki lifts and 22 piste in Murren, which can serve many sports enthusiasts in the area. For people who can’t bear the cold weather for too long, then there are warmer destinations. The city of Lugano is located not far from the Italian border. It’s often considered as the Monte Carlo of Switzerland. It’s located at the edge of the Lake Lugano, which is ideal for various water sport activities.