There’s nothing more enjoyable than visiting American theme parks with your family. Of course, your kids will like treats, rides whoosh to and fro. This is the best time for your family to gather together and share memorable moments. Where do you want to go? It depends on how old your kids are and your personal preferences. Sometimes people pick the nearest destination for not to travel long. Others try to pick the most interesting place for visiting. One way or another, you will never regret of your time spent in the theme park full of wonders. Here are the most popular theme parks your kids should visit before they will grow up.

india on water slide



  • GO TO Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando

Orlando theme parks are popular all over the world. If you’ve never visited this state before you should take a comfortable family SUV from Aco car rental in Orlando airport and go to the Harry Potter-themed park. Is the car needed? Of course, traveling with kids you should transport them from one place to another many times. Believe it or not, but such popular spots as hotel, restaurant, amusement park, shops or markets are easily reachable by car. Here you can find everything from the book: Honeydukes Sweets Shop, Hogsmeade Village, Hogwarts Castle. You are welcomes to taste some pumpkin juice or butterbeer. , Your kids will be impressed by riding a magical motorcycle!

Zonko's - Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure


  • GO TO Schlitterbahn Water Park in Texas

Water attractions can be the best pastime with your family. Go to Schlitterbahn! This is a hospitable huge territory where you can swim, float, boat, and slide. It is one of the biggest water parks in the world with the most impressive collection of water rides. What to do first? You can test yourself in surfing. Riding up and down is really funny, especially for kids.

  • GO TO Six Flags Great America in Illinois

This is a good place for visiting with adult kids. Dozens of roller coasters are waiting for you family and friends. Are you ready for anything really adventurous? You should try the Maxx Force. This is the parks newest and the fastest coaster. If it is not enough to boost your adrenaline, you are recommended to take your family to the Sky Trek Tower for beautiful views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan. Don’t worry if you like water attractions the most. The water rides are also available here.

Silverwood amusement park



Planning an amusement or theme park vacation with the kids is not difficult if you are ready for all possible troubles. Let’s try to avoid them!

  1. Don’t overdo

You want to see more and do more. Of course, you want to try as many attractions as possible to impress your kids. It can be rather tiring for young travelers to cope with your big plans. They have to wake up early to be first in a line and go all day till the late evening to see the night show. Try to be perfectly fine with your kids’ interests and possibilities.

  1. Don’t make hollow promises

You can promise to buy many souvenirs and visit as many attractions as possible. But don’t promise things you can’t keep. Thus, it is better to learn as much information about the place you are going to visit as possible and make reservation for hotels, cars months in advance.

  1. Don’t buy souvenirs immediately

Don’t even try to buy souvenirs at one place. Make your kids to understand that the shopping will happen when you leave the park. It is not comfortable to visit attractions and have fun overloaded with snacks, kids, and souvenirs.

  1. Sleep and rest well

Don’t forget to take enough rest during the trip. Rental car gives you more opportunities for a healthy ride. You can take pauses at the cafes, restaurants, and get to the hotel in the fastest way. Sometimes, you have to wake up early to arrive to the amusement park before the crowd. It’s ok. Just try to go to bed earlier and sleep well.

Honeydukes - Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure


  1. Don’t visit parks at hot season

Traveling with young kids, it is better to avoid big crowds and high prices. Try to stay at home or go to somewhere else during the hot season. Come back to the idea of visiting amusement parks when the hot season is far behind.

  1. Don’t forget to learn the park layout before you enter

Your kids may have different needs during the trip. They want to drink and eat all the time. Sometimes they are hot or cold. They want more attractions and more rest at the same time. It is better to learn the park layout before your enter to know where to go and what to do in case of emergency.

  1. Don’t forget about the weather

When the weather is sunny, don’t forget about sunscreens, hats, and sunglasses. It is better to take a light jacket because your kids may feel freezing from the air conditioning.

Don’t forget about the travel plan and the packing list. To have a good rest you should take your kids’ favorite things, including toys, foodies, clothes. Take much water and your smartphone with GPS, and many other useful apps. These applications can help to light-load your trip!