Planning a road trip with your family? Where to? Yeah, the idea of visiting Portugal seems to be good. But how to survive driving more than 9 000 miles around the country with two restless toddlers in the back seat? Just don’t lose your temper and get ready for a trip! First of all, let’s think about the right car. This is a half the battle! Renting a full size vehicle in Avis MCI you can cope with some road difficulties such as transportation, comfort, storage space, some good rest. Actually, your car is a place where you are going to spend the most of your time.


Traditionally, the best car for a road trip with kids is SUV, van, or minivan. It is difficult to choose the best car from a big variety of all available variants. Nevertheless, such cars as Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Chevrolet Impala are the best among full size autos for a family vacation. Such SUVs as Subaru Outback, Kia Sorento, Dodge Durango are also recommended to take for rent. Toyota Sienna is the best van to meet all family needs. Just compare prices!

Kids on the iPad



  1. Inspire kids for a trip

You may drive for long hours. Finally, you want to show small kids something interesting. Tell them about it. Tell about everything they will meet on the way and what they will get at the end. Inspire and make them believe the trip you are taking is going to be the greatest adventure!

  1. Take enough treats

Planning a trip, try to mark a spot or several spots to stop and eat. Nevertheless, don’t forget to take some food with you. It is not a secret that kids like treats. Take a big packet of fruits, pastilles, sandwiches, nuts, and cookies. Travelling long distances makes everyone hungry, especially kids. Remember, you can’t survive in this trip without treats!

Just in Case


  1. Find some time to sleep on the go

Your road can take long hours. Try to start your trip early in the morning, or late at night. Decide it depending on your toddler’s sleep tendencies. Don’t forget to stop the car to sleep in the middle on the day. Good sleep makes your kids less capricious and nervous.



  1. Play travel games

Is it interesting for your kids to see from a speeding car window? Not for long! You have to take many different things with you to play on the way. How about that popular “I spy with my little eye something beginning with A”? Of course, it helps for some time. The pub sign game also works. You can pack a big LEGO box or special travel backpack filled with toys, books, and different small things that can be interesting for your kids. Also, don’t forget about audio books, playing films, and favorite tunes. It would be great to sing together!

  1. Watch films

What a goof idea! Of course, you should take a car with a DVD player and good sound system. Watching films can be really interesting and time-taking activity for all passengers. But don’t pay much attention to the plot of the movie. You are in the driver’s seat!

  1. iPads

Why do you need iPads? It can be a way out of the situation when your kids got bored from reading books and playing travel games. Make sure your device is charged before setting off. You can download movies, music, cartoons, learning programs for kids. It is a prefect device for an hour of amusement!

Playing with Legos


  1. Try arts and crafts

Your child can make a picture of the driver! Also, it would be great to draw the nature sceneries for your kitchen collection. Kids get excited about this. You can draw all together, pick colors, share ideas. Switch on your imagination and try to draw what you would like to have for dinner! Also, you can draw funny faces and make hand puppets!

  1. Play a game of 20 questions

Have you ever played this game? You should try! All you need is to think of the situation, a person, a place and let others put questions. Of course, you may answer YES or NO. So, your kids have a chance to guess what you are thinking about.

Do you know what the most popular questions your kids used to ask you on the go are? It’s “How far is it, mom?” Lie about how far it is! Let your answer be “Round the corner”. It can be difficult for your young passengers to percept the reality, especially if they are not ready to travel long hours. Try to make as many stops as you can for short picnics, playing active games, having dinner in the road side cafes, and always answer “It’s around the corner”!