Travelling is an exciting to do and here are signs that you should do it now:

  1. You are getting sick of waking up and going to work every day: Daily routine can distress anyone and there’s finally a time that even binge-watching your favourite TV show on Netflix is no longer enough to de-stress your mind. This should be the perfect time for you to change your routine, so you can uplift your spirits.
  2. You forget about the present: People start to forget the present, if the live in the past and think too much for the future. There are plenty could have’s, should have’s and what if’s in our mind. Regret and concern will creep their way into our mind. We are consistently worrying about past experience and having concerns about the future. By travelling, you can focus on what’s around you. You can go back to the present, forget about the past and become more optimistic about the future.
  3. You have predictable patterns: Breakfast, commute, work, lunch, work, commute back and watch today’s favourite TV show. The cycle would repeat for many months and it’s not easy to break free from the rut. By exploring, you can have a new pattern and you will be surprised at how great it is.
  4. Thinking that nothing exists beyond your city: This could happen if you live in a big city for many years and you think that you have all the fun in there. Even when travelling to a less developed country, you can experience a completely new culture and environment. There are amazing natural spots and historical sites that are more majestic than what you see on your smartphone screen.
  5. You are a small town person: If you’ve been living in the small town world for decades, then it is obvious that you should see more things. Small town people often dream about great things out there. In this situation, you should start travelling and see the real things with your own eyes.
  6. You are learning new language: There’s nothing better to improve your language skill than meeting native speakers and get involved in extended conversations with them. Instead of going to class and reading books, you need to challenge yourself. You can even learn dialect variations and new slangs that you can’t find in language classes. You can learn to talk in a practical manner, instead of being only theoretical.
  7. You just read and watch: Reading and watching about distant lands could be seen as the simplest form travelling. You may see things on your smartphone screen, but you can’t taste, smell and touch them. Even seeing the real thing is absolutely much better than seeing it on your gadget. The exhilarating scent of lamb kebab in the narrow, ancient alleyways of Istanbul is something that you won’t find in your hometown. If your budget allows, then stop reading and go to these wonderful places. Book the ticket and spend at least a few days for the first adventure in your lifetime.