When you are going for an event or any social gathering you want to look beautiful from head to toe and due to this you paint your nails with your favorite color. As we know there is a difference between gel polish and regular nail polish and both forms give you amazing results. The difference is simple. The components of these nail polish the way you can apply is different from the other.



Known as varnish, and we already know that regular nail polish is just sticky liquid not more than that. As we talk about its components, these are made in nitrocellulose dissolved solvents as we take the example of ethyl acetate and butyl acetate. Plus they also have silver halides, plasticizers, resins, solvents and coloring dye. If we talk about gel nail paint so it is too sticky and looks like a gel base. We also called this semi-solid colloidal suspension in which solid gets mixed into a liquid. Just a coat applied with a brush, the gel is dried and cured under a UV lamp. 



As we want everything looks great according to our wishes so for looking perfect nails as we use this so it gives so much great result as compare to regular nail polish because it not add only colors but also give you shine and glow to your nails and if you want to do nail art in your fingers it attracts others to your side as we know that using our hands is much in our communication. Due to the best result and some amazing gel nail polish colors, the gel nail polish is expensive in the market as compared to regular nail polish. 



When we use regular nail polish it doesn’t need to get coated one after the other. It dries quickly when it’s open in the air or when we keep fingernails under a fan. Oppositely when you use gel nail polish firstly you have to apply coat dry it under ultraviolet light. After this, you take time for drying and after drying you again apply a coat and repeat the process again. This helps your nails to protect from dust particles and maintain its steadiness. As nail varnish takes time of about 20 minutes to dry up and for gel-based polish, the drying time is as much as one minute.



Gel nail polish takes more time as compared to regular ones. For 15 minutes you apply acetone at your nails and after that, you also need to wrap the nails with aluminum foil. After this, you have to lift foil gently and check your polish has been removed. Lastly, you have to rub your nails with the help of a lint-free nail pad. For better results, you can use a few drops of apricot cuticle oil to rehydrate cuticles and nails.



Regular nail lacquer prevents fracking and cracking your nails. But not the same case in gel polish because beauty care products use such things which prevent nails from damaging due to heavy lifting. Easily 2 or 3 weeks gel polish stay and your nails start growing naturally. No fear of chipping off because if it is so there is no damaging effect in your nail because extreme ends get affected. Even, this affects the look of the nail bed because it refers to the complete protection of the polish. You also amaze people in events with thinking different colors by applying nail protruding from the edge.



In the end, you can create something like a marble nail effect. Apply once you get the desired color of your choice. You learn the best way to paint your nails. People attract from this and appreciate how creative you can get. And with the gel polish, you can design a thin fine line art and set in different colors.


Keeping these facts about both the alternatives, I have found that the gel nail polish might be expensive to use but it is one of the best alternatives because of its entire composition, ease of use and because of the results it provides to you or your customers. Apart from that, it is very easy to apply and remove as well. So make sure that if you get to choose between the two options, you should go for the Gel Nail Polish. It is worth every penny.