Malta is a warm and beautiful Mediterranean Island located between Libya and Sicily. Historically, Malta was considered as strategic and became the location of many battles, including intensive bombing by Axis forces in World War 2. It has been inhabited since the ancient times and you will find it a great place to visit. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Excellent weather: Due to the close proximity to the mostly arid African northern coast, Malta is rarely cold. Even during winter, Malta is comfortably cool and still quite warm at noon. On average, you can get 3,000 hours of sunshine each year in Malta.
  2. Friendly locals: Maltese people are known for their hospitability. Due to extended period of British rule, English is well spoken among the population. In fact, it’s common to see emigrated British people who stay there to retire. Other than the native Maltese, locals also have fair proficiency in Italian, French and Arabic.
  3. Amazing culture: Maltese love their music and the local music is called Ghana. It sounds like an argument between multiple signers that take turns over a folk guitar. Malta also hosts a popular, summer annual jazz festival. You should be able to find popular foreign and local jazz artists performing.
  4. Vibrant nightlife: Malta is known for its great nightlife. Paceville is known for its clubs, it’s bustling with foreign tourists and locals who seek a good night out. To get a more subdued situation, tourists may go to Sliema or Valetta. Various coastal towns are comfortable at night, if you just seek to socialize, while having dinner.
  5. Tasty food: Due its location, Maltese cuisine draws influence from South Europe and Arabic cultures. Local food may include Maltese sausage, Timpani, Aranchini, Fenek, Ftira bread, Bigilla and Ross-il forn. You can also have ample options for foreign cuisine as well, like Italian and other Mediterranean food.
  6. Comfortable accommodation: In Malta, you should find no shortage of accommodation options. There are alternatives based on your budget. There’s bound to be something that suits your budget and preferences. Accommodation range from budget rooms to lavish penthouses.
  7. Low-cost flights: There are many budget airlines that fly to and from Malta. They include Air Malta, Air Berlin, Easyjet, Egyptair, Emirates, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Scandinavian SAS and Tunisair Express. With so many options, flying to Malta isn’t only easy, but it’s also affordable. Other than with airplane, you can also reach Malta with ferries and cruise ships.
  8. Easy transportation: Malta isn’t a big island and it shouldn’t be a hassle to go to places. Malta has a regular bus service, which is the easiest and most affordable ways to go different towns and tourist destinations. These buses are comfortable and air conditioned, which is necessary during a warm summer day.
  9. Nice places to visit: The whole island is literally a historical ground, so you can find many museums and archaeological sites. Valetta is the capital of Malta and you should find plenty of galleries and museums. The city was designated as a heritage site in 1980 by UNESCO.