It’s a common sight. Many women try to get their suitcases closed by sitting on them. It’s a classical case of poor planning and over packing. After such brutal treatment, you shouldn’t expect your clothes and other items in your bags are in perfect shape. If you want the security check easy and smooth, you should try to be well organized. Don’t over pack and put all liquids in plastic, transparent bag with zip at the top. Any female traveller should limit themselves to a couple of carry-on items, if possible, such as backpack for clothes and larger things; and a smaller over-the-shoulder bag for easy access to essential, small items.

Your shoulder bag should contain wallet, documents, smartphone, ticket, itinerary, notebook, pens, wet and dry wiped, plastic bag for toiletries, mint, medication and moisturizing lip balm. If you bring more than a few medication, also bring along prescription or note from the doctor, so it will be easier for you to get through the security check.

Your larger backpack should contain laptop, clothing, small souvenirs and others. Avoid bringing food during international flights, because each country has regulations. Instead of bringing food from home, you should explore foreign delicacies. Your clothing may include lightweight pants, long-sleeved tees and underwear. If you want to go to a country with hot climate, try to wear something lighter. Wear shoes that are easy to slide in and out, as well as socks. Sometimes, security checks require you to remove your shoes. Avoid bringing any valuable item in the carry-on luggage, because you may lose it.

If you are not familiar with the layouts of the airport, you should come early. Distance between terminal buildings can be quite far and arriving at  a wrong terminal can be time-consuming.  Ask the air carrier to know about the luggage size restrictions. Depending on the airline and local airport rules, restrictions of luggage weight and size may vary. If you have oversized luggage, make sure that the airline will allow it. Make a list of documents that you will need during your trip.

Here are other things you should do:

  • When choosing clothing, you should choose a single color scheme. Your color scheme could be based around black and white with a few matching color accents that you can throw in. It is also safe to choose neutral colors, such as olive, tan and beige. When choosing a color scheme, you should also choose to go with warm or cold tones. After you choose these color scheme details, try to be consistent and keep it at that. Simulate different combinations to create relevant outfits for each occasion.
  • Bring three or fewer pairs of shoes. Regardless of how fashionable you are, you should limit the number of shoes that you want to take. If you are a show addict, just bring a pair of multi-purpose shoes and allocate spare space for shoes that you want to purchase in the destination area.