During holiday, there are things that you should to keep yourself healthy. First of all, you should know what to eat. Make time to plan what you want to eat. Unfortunately, many travellers need to follow their tight schedule, so they overlook the important of proper eating. If you don’t supply your body with enough fuel, it won’t work for you. Secondly, you should ensure that you eat quality food. Your food should be clean and healthy. There should be easy and cheap access to healthy snack. With good food, your body will function properly and you will be less susceptible to illness. You will have more energy and have better mood. One of the most important activities is to try the local experience, because it’s an important way to immerse with locals.

To ensure cleanliness and safety, you should go where locals go. If the place is busy that you can be certain that the food is good and reasonably clean. To keep your diet balanced, you should also try local fruits. Fruits in Asia are generally cheap and when freshly peeled, it should be clean. Upset tummies could be caused by dirty water, so it’s a good idea to drink only bottled water. When eating in a local restaurant, you should be able to notice whether the establishment appropriate. As an example, make sure that tables are clean and they are using proper raw produce. If the proprietor can’t be bothered to sweep floors and clean tables, then it could be risky to eat there.

Most of the time, food poisoning is caused by bacteria on our hands, glasses, cutlery and plates. Before eating, you should wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap or just use a sanitizer gel, then wipe clean with tissue paper. If possible, you should bring your own travel cutlery and drinking glass. If you are sure that your hands are clean, then you can with them, just like locals do. Before eating, make sure that your meal is freshly cooked. To reduce chance of contamination, you may also choose stews or meat curries that are cooked for a long time. Avoid any fish dishes or dried meat that smells somewhat iffy. Although not particularly healthy, coke could increase the acidity inside your stomach, which will help to kill more bacteria from your meal.

In many Asian and African countries, tap water isn’t for drinking. So, your best bet is to buy bottled water. To help preserve the environment, you may bring your own water bottle and get refills whenever possible. In some Asian countries, you can refill your water bottle for a cheap price. Hotels may have treated tap water that is safe for consumption. When buying bottled water, make sure to check the sell by date first. Make sure that you don’t let the water bottle to stay under the sun for too long, because the bottle may release harmful substances due to exposure with ultraviolet rays. If possible, you should keep yourself cool, especially if you are going to warm or humid country.