Car rentals in Dubai are so many in number that you can just search for the term on google and you can just keep turning pages after pages and the companies that are targeting Dubai will not finish.

Ride-hailing apps can never produce a distinct feeling and the whole experience of car rental Dubai. This is a fact.

How we can make such a claim is very simple. There are many things and little quirks to renting a car that makes the whole thing a vastly different vibe than just ride-hailing a car through an app.

If we tell you, for a tourist that if you plan on traveling long distances as part of your tourist trip and in the name of discovery, a car from a ride-hailing app can be more costly than a rent a car.

That totally makes sense, you cannot be very comfortable while doing 300 kilometers or more than that on an Uber. Even doing more than 50 sometimes seems a little too much. Then there is the availability issue of the Ubers. In harsh weather conditions, such as extreme colds, heavy rains, during storms and even during summers or odd times such as night time or in the day time during lunch breaks, finding cars on an app is sometimes impossible.

Another very common occurrence is the willingness of the driver to take you where you want to go. The drivers often come up with reasons as to why they aren’t willing to travel and take you with them. The reasons can be lack of sleep the night before, or too much distance or harsh weather conditions or snow. Whatever they say, usually it makes sense and this is not a knock on their reasons or the drivers as all of the above reasons are very valid.


How to Zero In on the Best Luxury Car Hire.

Since we are talking about Dubai, there is no snow or even frequent storms, but there are other reasons that are more Dubai sounding. Prayer timings can often be a factor. Lunchtimes or lack of an air conditioner in the car can often result in the driving refusing to take you.

Imagine, you are on a trip to Dubai with your spouse and this is your first time. You obviously are in the mood for sight-seeing and taking an uber for sight-seeing is the worst thing you can do to yourself. It will not only financially stupid but also a whole another level of non-sensical on your part.

How Car Rentals Can Give You Freedom:

It will simply reduce your experience. Freedom is taken away. That is the biggest issue which I have. You cannot stop at desired stops. You just stop at the location that you set on the app. Sports car rentals are more convenient and provide more independence.


Often times, while passing by, we see some stops where we want to stop and take a look. It can be a shop or even a restaurant that you find appealing or interesting. In a rental car, you can stop where you want and when you want. And the best part is, your stop time isn’t being added on the final fare.

Choose a better option instead, and rent a car. Especially if it’s your first trip to Dubai. You will have more freedom and you will your trip a lot more if you are independent in your commute.

Get to know the Best Exotic Car Rental:

And if it’s an exotic car that you rent, that’s even better. If not for more the logic and pockets, then solely for the memories, that’s enough fodder for years to come. A Huracan or an Aventador can fetch the most likes on your social media handles on Instagram and Facebook. In fact, it is safe to say that an Aventador is your best option to get the most likes on any social media. Don Rent a car is one such car rental that has all the answers to your renting queries.