Although we may expect to have a lot of fun, many times, travelling with children is simply frustrating. Staying inside the car for many hours can be quite uncomfortable. Here are things parents could do to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Beat the boredom: Parents should allow children to bring any item that can break up boredom and the monotony for an extended road trip. It is a bad idea to let children to fend for themselves without anything meaningful to do in the back seat. They could resort to poking, teasing and do other things that can disrupt the harmony of the trip. There are games and nifty travel toys that can keep children occupied. It’s better to ask children how they can feel more entertained and parents should accommodate that, as long as they are acceptable..
  • Install car entertainment system: Car entertainment system can be quite affordable. It is usually a 3-screen configuration, with one screen is placed in the middle of dashboard and two others at the backside of the front seats. Many of these systems are based on Android operating systems, so they work like tablets. Children can watch movies, YouTube and play games. Make sure that each screen has earphone port to keep the interior of the car quieter.
  • Reduce clutter: Car clutter could increase anxiety and reduce comfort. Many parents cram the interior with plenty of toys, games and snack to keep children occupied. However, it doesn’t mean that the car can be cluttered. Parents need to manage placement of items inside the car. Prepare ample space for movement, so children can feel more relaxed. Find a balance between keeping children occupied, but still ensuring that the car is kept clean.
  • Focus on family interaction: Exciting family interaction is actually more fun than interacting with games. A long road trip will become a wonderful memory for the whole family. Obviously, there would be some quiet moments when one or more persons get sleepy. Parents should be active in encouraging conversations, as an example, by commenting on what the family see and experience during the trip.
  • Take breaks: When muscles get tired and cramp due to hours of sitting, then it’s time to relax and stretch our body. The whole family could take 10 minutes of walk and the person who drives may take a quick 15-minute nap inside the car, when necessary. One of the kids may decide that it’s necessary to go potty urgently. Frequent visits to restroom shouldn’t frustrate parents, if they are prepared. To reduce the amount of stops, it’s a good idea to prepare a travel potty or urinal for smaller children. .
  • Alleviate discomfort: When sitting for more than two hours inside the car, everyone will be affected by buttock and back discomfort. It’s the sign from our body that it’s the time for us to move around, due to poor blood circulation. Other than the mandatory rest breaks, it’s a good idea to invest on some travel pillows and car massage pads. Ensure that there’s enough room inside the car to wiggle around.