Road trip is a special type of travel that allows you to enjoy complete freedom of movement while driving a car.

Once you have planned your route, it’s time to take care of finding a place to live. For this purpose, there are many services that will greatly simplify the whole procedure.

Do you want to live in a luxury 5-star hotel? Or maybe you prefer an exchange of apartments or temporary housing with local? No problems. By using certain services, you will find the best option according to your requirement, while a rental car will take you where you need to.

In order to book a car, go to, offering the best deals around the world. Exotic rentals in Chicago IL, luxury cars in New York, or Economy rentals in Boston: thousands vehicles and locations are at your disposal. A quick search engine will select excellent offers in any point around the world, and let you to compare them, which is very convenient.

As soon as you have picked up a good car for a rental car trip – then use the following services to search for a perfect accommodation:


With the help of this popular service, you can rent apartments and rooms in 190 countries around the world, referring directly to the owners. Millions travelers liked the concept of getting not only a place to stay, but also a feeling of homeliness. As a result, last year Airbnb apartments were rented out a half times more than rooms on the Hilton network.

In order to rent a desired room in Manhattan for $50 or a house in Lisbon for $100, you first need to send a request to the owner, get confirmation and pay. If you want to speed up the process, look for apartments with the mark “instant booking”. If the owner is suspicious, then the deposit may also be blocked on the bank card – until the date of check out.

Usually renting an apartment is more profitable if at least three people travel together. A loving couple can rent a single room, and then add another guest there – usually it’s cheaper. When booking on the period from today till tomorrow, it’s easier for the owner to give up cheaper than leaving the apartment empty.

Are you a solo-traveler? Take an apartment with the owner – there will be someone to chat with in the evening and enjoy a couple of cocktails in a bar.


Sign up for Couchsurfing to find the best free housing worldwide. Use the filters to select the host with which it will be most pleasant – you can sort by experience in Couchsurfing, languages, age and even his attitude towards smokers.

To increase the likelihood of luck, don’t be lazy to fill out your profile in detail and write a soulful letter to the future host. No payment is needed – it’s enough to agree.

The owner always indicates how many people can accept, and therefore don’t forget to check this moment in advance.


This option is ideal for adherents of free exchange: find a person who wants to come to your city, then let him in your apartment, and go to live in his house. Such matches are found by the Homeexchange service.

Add an apartment to the base, indicate the dates of your future trip and the city of dreams – and wait for those who wish to enjoy an exchange vacation.

Homeexchange services are paid – $65 per year. If in the first year you didn’t find an exchange, then you don’t need to pay for the next year. The creators of the service are sure that it usually takes 3-4 months to find one perfect exchange, and in case you live in the center of a tourist city, you can shorten this period to a 1 month.

By using the convenient service, you can find any type of accommodation – from a bed in a 20-person hostel room to a presidential suite with three bathrooms. Smart filters will help to choose a city, area and amenities, such as free parking or a balcony.

Most reservations can be canceled free of charge if you do this 2-3 days before the date of arrival. Sometimes, can be a little intrusive: as soon as it receives your e-mail, wait two letters a day with super-profitable offers.

9 flats

This is a less-known analogue of Airbnb, with which you will become the happy owner of an apartment, room or igloo anywhere in the world. The principles are the same: you find the apartments, you write to the owner, you get the answer – and go! For those who are on fire and want to rent an apartment immediately, options with the Instant Booking label have been prepared.

With 9 flats, you also can’t relax: often for a cheap apartment they will separately charge a daily cleaning fee. In addition, the price indicated on the main page usually adds 11% of the service commission.