If you have booked your flight and it is time to go the airport, things can be quite stressful. Here are things you could do to make your life easier:

  1. Leave your home early: stress could start the moment you leave your home. If you leave home during rush hour at 8AM, then you would sit in traffic and watch each precious minute ticks away. You goal should be arrive at the airport about two hours early and this is particularly important during international flight. You may still have plenty of time if there are delays, but most of time, the flight will be on time
  2. Be smart in the check-in line: in the airport, there many check-in line that you I choose from. Which one is the fastest. If there are families with many children in a line, then it would be a slow progression. Each ticket needs to be processed and the luggage jumble must be sorted. In general, you should choose the shortest check-in line. Some check-in lines could be hidden behind the pillars and people don’t see them. Instead going directly to the nearest check-in line, you should observe for a few minutes and choose a check-in line that could be the fastest. It would be much less stressful if you could cut half an hour off your check-in time.
  3. Check how long you need to walk: some airports can be very large and it takes relatively long time for you to walk to the gate. You need to research the average walk time in an airport. The safe way is to follow other passengers. If you follow the flock, it’s less likely for you to get into trouble. It would be really stressful if you think that it would take only 5 minutes to walk to the gate, then you find out that the gate is at the edge of the terminal. Sometimes, you need go through additional security checks.
  4. Get access into the executive lounge: if you travel with airplanes often, it is possible that you are eligible to free entry to the executive lounge. If not, you could gain entry for small amount of money. This ideal during long distance flights. Sitting in a busy airport with all the hustle and bustle could add to your stress level. You can often get free drinks and snacks. With some airlines, you may even get some light meal, such as pasta and cream soup. If you have thirty minutes to spare, you can watch TV, read magazine or do other things that may relax your mind, depending on your preferences.
  5. Accept your nervousness: if you rarely fly, you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you are feeling nervous. You may have heard often that statistically, air travels are much safer than road travels. If you remain sensible and logical, you will be able to calm your mind down. There could be massage services in the airport that you can use. Watch some funny YouTube videos that can make you laugh or do other things that can improve your mood.