Memphis is a large city and an ideal place to explore. You can find a way to keep busy there, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time. Sometimes, it appears that you know Memphis inside out. Its atmospheric lanes, museums, street performances, and local food seem familiar. However, you can always find new and interesting things to learn about. But first, it is better to decide how to get around the city to see as many places as you can during your visit.

Memphis 011


Transportation in Memphis

  • Public transport

If you ask locals, they prefer driving their own cars or using different car-share services to get from A to B. There are also people, who actively use the so-called MATA option. This is a transport provider that will help to find the cheapest buses and trolleys. How cheap? For example, a one-way trolley ticket is only $1. The buses and trolleys cruise all over the city but you have to be patient to find them and build up your travel route in your own way. Nevertheless, there are places in Memphis that are hardly reachable by just a city bus.

Fourth of July on Beale St. Memphis, Tennessee

  • Car rental

Everything is possible if you travel by car. That’s so easy to get to Sun Studio to find out about the evolution of Rock and Roll. How about visiting the main city Zoo or drive to Graceland? Exotic car rental in Memphis, TN is perfect for road trips. Just plan your trip as you want. By the way, you can rent a car at Memphis Airport or visit one of many car rental spots in the city or neighborhoods.

What to see in Memphis

  1. Go to Graceland

The first place tourists hurry to see is a museum dedicated to Elvis Presley’s life. Try to park your rental car somewhere and go to explore the exhibits. You will learn many new facts about Elvis’s habits, affections, and see the place that has become his final retreat. This is the very thing for music-lovers.

  1. Visit legendary Peabody Hotel 

If you know a place where you can see ducks in the hotel, this must be the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. It’s really fun. You can enjoy one of such silly performances here! Locals know that this famous hotel is a home for ducks. There is an interesting tradition you can luckily watch. A group of ducks ceremoniously marches through the hotel from the roof to the central lobby. Honestly, it looks like a red carpet ceremony! Crowds of tourists line up at the lobby to watch the ducks.

Sun Studios, Memphis, TN


  1. Go to Sun Studio

It seems that Memphis is a favorable area for music addicted people. What do you know about this recording studio? Be careful, this place is interesting if only you are really fond of music. So, it is very interesting to walk around and learn about the place where Elvis and other great musicians recorded their brilliant music. Take a tour guide at the entrance and discover more interesting facts about this historic place.

  1. Walk along Beale Street

Drive your car to Downtown. You can easily find a place to park your rental car in the evening here. This district is called the heart of the city. Just take a walk, look at the historical buildings, old cafes, atmospheric pubs and, restaurants. Enjoy the food and blues music. If you don’t like blues, you’ll love it at the end of your trip. It is everywhere in Memphis! By the way, never miss a chance to try their famous BBQ dishes!


  1. Go to see Pink Palace Museum

This beautiful stony building of a pleasant pink color is well-known in the whole country. Millions of tourists come here every year to boost their knowledge in chemistry, history, philosophy, astronomy. It really inspires to learn sciences!

  1. Take Mississippi Tour

Everyone knows about a legendary Mississippi River. It plays a key role in the city establishment. There is a chance to learn more about this river and admire its beauty. Take a river tour on an old rare boat. This is the best opportunity to relax and sink into a nerveless rest. There is a day or night tour available. You decide!

The Southern Comfort


  1. Visit Lichterman Nature Center

Your rental car is not a moment too soon. You can’t step away from the in-city excursions without a car. So, this Nature Center is situated on the east of the center. It looks like a huge park territory, filled with plants and trees. There is an indoor and outdoor exposition of your choice. Change the location depending on your mood and weather, of course.

Memphis is a very friendly city for tourists. Here, you can find everything you are interested in. So, if you like music, relaxing river tours, educative excursions, historic places, and beautiful views, you are welcome!