When the question arises of where the best theme parks in the world are, the first answer that comes to mind is the USA. More than 300 amusement parks across the country boast the fastest, largest and even the most frightening rides in the world, including incredible water parks.

All this makes the United States a first-class choice for a family weekend, because the local parks are perfect for both adults and their children.

The following parks are the best in America and will give a lot of positive emotions. They are located close to the main transportation hubs, so it’s easy to get to them by car. If you travel with a large family, then AVR airport van rental is ready to provide the largest selection of spacious vehicles throughout the USA.

Six Flags Over Texas

The Nearest Airport: Dallas International Airport

Six Flags over Texas - Titan & New Texas Giant

(photo by themepark photography)

This park has one of the most famous superfast slides! The Titan hyper coaster is a 60-meter structure with a steep slope that goes into a dark 70-meters-long tunnel and then twists in two spirals at the angle of 540 degrees.

This attraction will suit only the most courageous travelers! In addition, in Six Flags Over Texas you can visit the Superman’s Tower of Terror, where you can experience a fall from a height and a giant circular swing.

Address: 2201 E Road to Six Flags St, Arlington, TX


Legoland California

The Nearest Airport: San Diego International Airport

Legoland - California

(photo by Luiz Kessler)

Having visited this park, you won’t believe your eyes, because the amazing 10-meters-high brontosaurus made of Lego blocks is available right near the entrance.

In addition to the stunning dinosaur, you can try various slides, water parks, and also enjoy the incredible Sea Life aquarium. Most of the scenery in this park is made of Lego. This park is focused on family holidays with children, because the rides are specially designed for young visitors. If you want to spend more time in the park, then you have the opportunity to stay at the themed Legoland Hotel.

Address: 1 Legoland Dr, Carlsbad, CA


Kings Dominion Park

The Nearest Airport: Washington DC International Airport

Kings Dominion Theme Park

The fans of thrills and quick rides should visit Kings Dominion Park. The main attraction of this park is the Dominator roller coaster. This attraction is a record holder of its kind – with the total length of 1,300 meters, this is the longest roller coaster in the world.

At this ride you will also be able to experience thrilling sensations on one of the biggest dead loops. In addition, the park has Xtreme Skyflyer skycoaster, where you can jump with a parachute or fly a hang glider.

Address: 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA


Walt Disney World

The Nearest Airport: Orlando International Airport

Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World

(photo by Thomas Grim)

This magical kingdom is the most popular theme park in the world. More than 19 million people visit it annually. Here you can see a theatrical performance with Mickey Mouse and his friends, as well as enjoy riding on incredible slides called Space Mountain.

Also, visitors often take pictures against the background of the famous Cinderella magic castle. Those who dream of feeling like a prince and a princess from Disney cartoons will be able to hold a wedding ceremony right in the castle, arriving there on a magic pumpkin carriage!

Address: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL



The Nearest Airport: Greater Rochester International Airport

valleyfair 11

(photo by kayepants)

Valleyfair offers to feel real weightlessness on one of the world’s greatest and most exciting attractions called Wild Thing. This is the tallest and the fastest hyper coaster in Valleyfair.

Your adventure begins with a free fall from a 60-meter height at an angle of 60 degrees and then you reach the speed of 110 km/h, at which your cheeks will swell in the wind.

Address: 1 Valley Fair Dr, Shakopee, MN


Holiday World and Safari

The Nearest Airport: Nashville International Airport


(photo by Alex Sabatka)

The major feature of this park is that it was the first theme park in the world. Despite this fact, it still doesn’t give up its position and now this is a favorite spot among the fans of extreme rides on incredible roller coasters.

In addition, the water park, which was built on the territory of the park, has recently been recognized as the best in the USA.

The Thunderbird roller coaster, which opened not so long ago, is the first slide in the US where people sit in chairs installed not on rails, but on the sides. From a distance, this design resembles a bird with spread wings – it can accelerate to 95km/h in just 3.5 seconds!

Address: 452 E Christmas Blvd, Santa Claus, IN


Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The Nearest Airport: Norfolk International Airport

Griffon Splash Down Busch Gardens Williamsburg

(photo by Ryan Woirol)

Busch Gardens Theme Park is situated 100 km away from Virginia Beach. This park has been waiting for its opening for 40 years, and for good reason! Here you will find entertainments for any taste and age.

For example, the new Tempesto roller coaster, which began its work in 2015, accelerates to 100 km/h, after which the passengers of the attraction soar into the sky and land in free fall on the continuation of the rail.

Address: 1 Busch Gardens Blvd, Williamsburg, VA