You can find many interesting things to see in Baltimore. You can find them everywhere, both in the city center and neighborhoods. Do you know that people call Baltimore the Charm City? There must be many ways to see all the city attractions. First of all, you should rent a vehicle from Enterprise on Security Blvd to have a free hand to go where you want. But if you are traveling for the first time, you may have problems with deciding what to see first. With a view to prevent a catastrophe, you’d better read these tips before visiting Baltimore.

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  1. No problems to get around

Are you looking for the way to travel through the city? There are many of them! First and foremost, try to decide what you are waiting from the trip. If you want to travel in comfort, you should pick a car. But if you don’t care about comfortable way of traveling, you can pick something more special and truly local. Did you hear about the water taxi? It is available and affordable in Baltimore. What is more, the water taxi is free if connects the most popular stops in Baltimore and neighborhoods to the South. Also, you can use the subway transportation. It runs through the city to suburbs. How about renting a bike? There is a special share program for cyclists that helps you to ride a bike for cheap.

  1. Go to see neighborhoods

Why do you need transport in Baltimore? Do you know that Baltimore has about 180 neighborhoods? Of course, many of them are popular to visit. Each has its own history and Must-Visit places. It’s not only about restaurants to visit and hotels to stay. It’s rather about their traditions, festivals, and ancient relics. Just learn the map carefully.

  1. Dress for the weather

People think that Baltimore is more Southern city than Northern. But the weather is changeable here and the summer is often wet and cool. Just don’t forget to pack something to wrap you up. It’s hard to believe but you can even expect snow in April in Baltimore! Unbelievable!

  1. Learn about history

There was the time when Baltimore was an important commercial heart of America. It is full of historical relics that can tell you a lot about its rich history. Make a plan of all monuments and historical places you want to visit. Go to see the Monument to Washington, B&O Railroad, and historic ships that came from the Civil War to our days.

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  1. Birdtown

Baltimore is often called a Birdtown. Why? To answer this question you should learn more about the city sport team. Walking through the city, you can find a lot of places painted in orange-and-black or purple colors like Ravens. Speaking about birds, pay attention to that fact that the local lacrosse team has a name of Blue Jays. What an interesting sport course!

  1. City of houses

Of course, the rowhouses can be found in many American regions. But Baltimore counts the most of them. Each of these houses has its own style, color, interesting decoration. It looks really charming! The most atmospheric place you should visit is Charles Village or Abell. Mark it in your map and never miss.

  1. City of great films

This is it! If you are a fan of Sleepless in Seattle, you should learn Baltimore carefully. This is a motherland of many films with the world names. It would be great if you could watch the films outdoors during the Maryland Film Festival. The Festival takes place in Baltimore every summer.



  1. City of arts

It is not surprising that Baltimore is full of different art objects, such as the local Museum of Arts, Walters Art Museum, and the American Visionary Arts Museum. Also, you can participate in one of many art festivals during the year. The festivals are often supported by music concerts. You have a chance to listen to the legendary Baltimore Symphony Orchestra LIVE!

  1. City of Hon culture

What do you know about the popular in Baltimore HONFest? Hone is short from Honey. Visiting a Hone Cafe you get back to 50s or 70s. The city is decorated with the sweet plastic flamingos orbeehive hairdos. Visit cafe Hon to get even more bright impressions!

  1. Visit local markets

Local markets are the oldest in the US. The oldest of them is Lexington Market, established in 1782. So, when you see a market when you cross the street, stop and talk to the seller. You can learn many new things from them.

Baltimore is worth visiting. Of course, you can make your trip easier and more organized when you know what you want to see and how much time you are going to spend for traveling. To prevent hesitation and wasting money, make up a list!